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Basic Jump
Skill Level: 0/10
Previous Skills Required: N/A
Description: Launching yourself a small height into the air.
Instruction: Press the space bar.
Notes: N/A

Crouch Jump
Skill Level: 0/10
Previous Skills Required: Basic Jump
Description: Combining crouch with your jump to get slightly higher. By crouching, you pull your legs up.
Instruction: Jump -> Crouch while in the air
Notes: N/A

Proper Name: Continuous Bunny Hop
Skill Level: 1/10
Previous Skills Required: Basic Jump
Description: Jumping over and over, without slowing down, while moving forwards.
Instruction: Jump -> Jump just before you hit the ground, while in the air -> Repeat step 2 until satisfied.
Notes: Travelling backwards is faster, as there is air acceleration.
Why it works: Bad hit detection makes you jump before getting the movement penalty.

Holding crouch while doing this not only speeds you up, but allows you to turn with ease when holding left/right aswell as backwards.

Proper Name: Double Jump
Dag calls it: Swag Bounce
Skill Level: 3/10
Previous Skills Required: cBHop, Crouch Jump.
Description: The act of propelling yourself to heights that normally would be unreachable by a Crouch Jump.
Instruction: Jump -> cBHop Jump -> Crouch in the air
Notes: This works by propelling you higher than normal (using the cBHop), and crouching in the air, which gives you the maximum jump hieght possible using one person. This can be done running towards the box, or by stand beside the box and pushing yourself towards it.

Proper Name: No Damage Fall
Skill Level: 5/10
Previous Skills Required: cBHop
Description: The act of falling from a damaging height, and receiving no damage.
Instruction: Jump from injuring height -> cBHop off the ground below.
Notes: This works because you don’t actually hit the ground, you jump before you hit, and receive no damage. This is most useful in GM on BL side, or in an SnD when you don't want to be heard.

Skill Level: In a corner: 3/10, against a wall: 5/10
Previous Skills Required: Basic Jump
Description: The act of stack 3 or more people on top of each other.
Instruction: Person A crouches in the corner. Person B jumps on top, and starts to jump and run towards the corner. Person A begins to jump as well. Person C crouches, and gets underneath the jumping person A.
Notes: To add more people to the stack, Just get person C to start jumping as well, and person D crouch under them. When you are stacking, make sure that you are ALWAYS running towards the corner. The Vaseline on the characters heads will push you off otherwise.

Triple Boosting aka Triple Jumping
Skill Level: 5/10
Previous Skills Required: Basic Jump
Description: Getting one person to heights that would normally take a 3+ man stack, by using only one other person.
Instruction: Both people run towards a corner and beging to spam jump at the exact same time. This will cause you to jump off him, then him to jump off you, etc.
Notes: Although recently publicized, it WAS known about way back when.

Free Standing Stack
Skill Level: God
Previous Skills Required: Stacking, cBHop
Description: Stacking 3 or more people without ANYTHING to push against.
Instruction: The same as stacking, only using well timed cBHops to not slide off the head. You don’t jump on the head first, the person only crouches to get under you.
Notes: This tech is purely theoretical, as only Tam, KLoL, and Myself have even the slightest chance of pulling this off. You must never touch the person below you’s head, otherwise it’s all screwed up.

Skill Level: 6-7/10
Previous Skills Required: Crouch Jump, cBHop
Description: Combining specific keys to allow you to have maximum speed and maximum height and the ability to BHop off things that aren't normally thick enough to.
Instruction: Jump > hold crouch > release crouch just before you land > BHop > hold crouch > etc.
Notes: Can be modified for other situations, I'll edit once I get in-game and actually take a look at this again.

Lag Jumping
Skill Level: 5-6/10
Previous Skills Required: Crouch Jump
Description: Going a tiny bit inside a boxes wall to allow you to jump on things that are normally impossible to jump onto.
Instruction: Run towards the box/stack of boses you are going to get on. Once you hit the box, continue running towards it, and begin to hold the opposite directional key aswell. Crouch Jump at specific timings to try to get on it. After 5 jumps, if you still are not on it, beck up and try again.
Notes: With this, you can climb: 2 small boxes // 2 medium boxes (DJ boxes) // 1 Big box. Anything more and you get stuck.
How it works: You FPS lag into the very outer edge of the box. When this happens, the boxes are made so that when you jump, even though you don't make it all the way up the box, you are stuck halfway there in the top. Jumping again will put you above the box.

SpiderMan Jumping
Proper Name: Elevator Glitching
Skill Level: 7-8/10
Previous Skills Required: A/D Glitching with a partner.
Description: Through means I can' specify on these forums, rising up a wall a decent height to gain access to higher areas normally impossible. Height is limited by disconnection.
Instruction: Can't say :P
Notes: There is a solo version of this, however it is INCREDIBLY inneffective, and is therefore not worth mentioning. (Unless my theory about walking straight through walls is correct. If it is though, you'll have more things to worry about.

Credits: cf fansite

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