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C1-C4 Enchant Glitch (stack weapons)

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This is an enchant glitch that works on all C1-C3 servers even though their are very few left : (

It also works on some C4 servers I've tried.


The Server is required a GM shop to perform the glitch.


The Idea of the glitch is to make a weapon into a stackable item so that it becomes easier to enchant.

Let's say you have +3 Tarbar (x40 stacked in one slot) whenever you attempt an enchant. If it succeeds you will get +4 Tarbar (X40)

If you fail you will have +3 Tarbar (X39) and you can continue this until you have 1 left.


The Glitch: go to the gm shop and go to the soulshot / arrows / potion section (any of these will work)

double click any of these items. A window will pop up asking you how many you want to buy. don't press anything yet.

Go back to the gm shop's main menu and go to the Armour / weapon section. find the piece you want to enchant and only click it one time. so that it is "selected"

Then go back to the "how many soulshot's do you want to purchase?" and type in 40. then press okay.


you just purchased 40 Tarbars that are all stacked into one slot.


Happy enchanting. sorry it doesn't work on very man servers anymore : (

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