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  1. requesting bot for L2Adventure...Br server I just joined so i dont really know the ips/port or protocol the site is http://lineageadv.com/en/ ID: test Pass: 12345
  2. i need help connecting l2net to this server. i cant find the ip or port.
  3. sup dawg welcome to MxC
  4. L2 because WoW has the lamest graphics i have ever seen
  5. magnus is my first choice because it gives more power. POW second if there is no magnus. COV last if there is none of the first two.
  6. i would have voted for the 45x but there is no custom and its up to S grade in shop s grade should be crafted instead of bought
  7. C4 is too old fashion now and it probably wont support the newer skills unless it is a custom skill. if u want a c4 high rate then u probably have to create one urself
  8. L2 Dusk because it seems more "eye catching" unlike L2 Giant which seems too common
  9. TH was my first dagger and i really liked playing it. AW was my second dagger and i enjoyed playing it cuz it is fast and i owned destroyers with it. Havent played PW before. heard it rocks cuz of crit rate
  10. go to google and type in lineage 2 servers and look at all the sites and see what u can find.
  11. he says that he wants to know how to make a message appear on the chat screen. For example, he used the lethal blow one (Letha Blow has been successful) he wants to know how to do that with other chat options
  12. Dark Avenger because of the pet
  13. there probably wont be that much 4000x C4 server, but the may be on Interlude+
  14. daggers dont need any patk booster because the skills dont rely on patk. get some haste buffs and resist. champion,renewal
  15. This is not a Stack Subclass server, but it has around 3000 people online everyday and subclass is available and i think its unlimited subclass. server is L2inc.