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interlude [Interlude] L2 Lands of Sorrow (Stuck-Sub)


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Hello, i don't know if i'm making something wrong, or i'm in a wrong section, but i don't know where to post it, btw if Moderator or Admin are disagree with this my post, close it.. (i'm sry)


Btw i'm going to open a new server L2 OFF, Name is "L2 Lands of Sorrow"


i'm looking for opinion about what rate could like to players, that's the reason of my pull..


for sure that will be some of our stuff :



                                                 Chronicle            : Interlude

                                                 Rate                  : ?

                                                 GM-Shop            : Up to A Grade

                                                 Special Shop       : S Grade + Special Items

                                                 Custom Armors and Weapons

                                                 Main Class will stack with 1 Sub (with Quest Item)

                                                 Class will be Balanced for not Overpowered Chara

                                                 Events by GM and by NPC

                                                 NPC Buffer (PP,Dances,Songs,Chants) 5hr

                                                 Olympiads and Hero every month

                                                 Safe Enchant 6 (Max 30 wpn, 20 Armor) rate 65%

                                                 and more...


I will post WebSite soon, i need some more day for last settings.. i hope you will help me with the choosing for Rate..


thx in Advance







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x100 is cool ...


this is the bad thing


NPC Buffer (PP,Dances,Songs,Chants) 5hr


dont add 3rd class buffs .. some PP , dances and songs are perfect ...

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x5k Ftw, pvp server yey! hehe, anyway btw, I suggest to make it like, gm shop up to s grade, and special shop only special armors that will be easy to get :D

A normall and nice pvp server, that nowadays it's hard to find :)

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i vote 100x not so easy but no so hard ..


i just want to tell u , if u do whit 1 stuck sub i bet u half of ppls will be titan and pala


or any mage and any summoner (kind of boring)


The custom things .. dont make it so hard to get it (1 week of playing = good stuff xD)


and of course no boss jewels by shop (that is a way to make people stay on your server)

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about paladin and titan, lot's of skill will be fixed for balanced pvp

about boss jewels, no in GM shop.. only by killing the raid, and i'll balance raid for make it unkillable by singol player.. do you like it?


ah and, what about dual box (not bot) allowed?


i need more suggestions..


and Btw, you can only sub from same Race.. DN style..

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