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  1. Papaki.gr Greekhost.gr What to choosE? Thanks!
  2. Hello guys, I know you're the experts that's why I'm posting here, I want to make a wordpress blog but with a custom .gr domain name. The problem is I don't know where to start? Can I get a free wordpress blog for starters and after some time if I'm ready I can move it to another server, get my custom theme and add a domain name? Are those things easy to do? Some info for starters? Thanks a lot!
  3. Poly wraio guide tha to dokimasw, to thema einai oti pws tha exw ena target, as poume oti xerw enan pou thelw na vrw ton kodiko prepei na xerw tin ip tou? les oti gia na tin mathw prepei na xreisimopiisw netdiscover -i wlan0 to thema einai oti pws tha tou pw sigkekrimena na psaxei?
  4. Heya guys, its been a while since I last played wow so I'm curently into looking to play again, I have wow account till burning crusade, pm me so I can tell you my blizzard id, hope i'll find someone soon Thanks anyway, Alex.
  5. I'm not into any of these kind of people, unlike you. Also, about that ExteKain+Soldier, you don't know shit. Exte is my original nickname, DeathSoldier is probably the guy's who gave me his account and Kain? What is that? :o And as a last sentence of mine, ExteKain+Soldier would be more creative than DreaM as nickname.
  6. They can, since your mom have an excellent knowledge of English.
  7. Ma poio to nohma na vgo o "Xamenos tis ypothesis"? Anyway.. EINAI THEMA EKSYPNADAS
  8. I'm definitely smarter than you (Smartest? That's for a whole bunch of people, not for two people who're debating, failure again?), also my English knowledge is better and you know what's the funny part? I don't even have a degree stating my English knowledge is blablabla, I'm learning English by my own special way without studying and such, which prooves I'm too smart since I learned English without getting even a single lesson, unlike you.
  9. Did I ever refused the fact of being Exte? Or even better, did you ever asked me if I'm Exte? I, also, have posted on Greek Spam Topic that it's Exte posting.
  10. Everything on your post which is red colored is totally wrong, looks like you got yourself owned with your own post, sorry :( Correct sentence would be I gave (Not give, or even worse gived, lmao) him a detail translation of what you wrote for him, and I don't wanna speak about your english knowledge (Knowledge is a must, it's not greek language), I'm gonna let Grisom's signature to do that for me. See?
  11. Don't you think that banning Exte for no actual reason is enough for a punishment?
  12. Did I? I just translated the text, and no, I respect some mods, but that's definitely not you. Also, yes, I've better English knowledge than this bunch of mods.
  13. kai xeiroteroi >.> Autoi einai i epomeni gennia wannabe mods, den menoun stis ypodiksis tou styl (Stop SPAM OMG OMG, lock topic plz :(, eimaste offtopic ) alla ekselixthikan. The MaxCheaters chronicles: The Wannabe Moderator's Evolution
  14. Since you said that you had people PMing you with what OmGG said, lemme fully translate it. I surely have better knowledge of English than them. Are you stupid? Do you except of having a point with idiots who think they can do whatever on the forum cuz of their Blue/Green name? Grisom is one of these not-mature people of forum. Fully translation, what OmGG said is true tho, you just don't like getting people to judge you.
  15. To 'faga ego gia sena, kai tora yperaspizomai emena kai sena sto dikastirio tou Agglikou Spam Topic.
  16. Sarcasm? It's a fucking response, R-E-S-P-O-N-S-E to your post saying that you never said you'll ban Exte (Or ask someone to do it) and I just prooved you wrong.
  17. Skata, to vlepo to ban sto kseno account <.< Alla einai BR o Grisom re gamo to diaolo tou, kai br kai to paizi kai eksypnos.
  18. O rly?! Btw, you're not any special member of MXC, so don't say "Dont flame me or any other user". Nobody gives a flying fuck about you, so you should just say "dont flame any user".
  19. You just threatened OmGG with a ban for no-fucking-reason sir!