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Changeset 308


Quests, Spawnlist, Misc.



- rework Q005 (failed HTMs and quest logic ; one of the first quest we commited ?)

- fix Q016 (qItem wasn't cleaned up on quest abort).

- proper qItem checks on q038.

- cleanup numerous quests (up to q050) to match aCis current standards (naming conventions and other misc). For info, scripts are WIP since 1,5y and since that time, my standards changed. I will cleanup them 50 by 50, or so.



- refresh the spawnlist logging spawns from L2OFF ; it notably will fix following issues :

- add monsters than L2J IL never had (20+ new species added).

- fixes any spawn which was under ground (Ant Nest for example), and fill empty locations (Orc Territory for example)

- credits to mcbigmac for loggerExt.dll, dEvilKinG for the SQLization.



- add numerous missing minions, using L2OFF spawnlist, ty dEvilKinG.

- if you try to edit subclasses being registered on Olys, you become ineligible to fight, ty KaL.

- refresh overload penalty for //setclass command, ty KaL.

- addition of the clans ladder feature (schedule task + loading), ordering clans by their reputation score, ty KaL.

- fix typo on loginserver, when you drop GS more than one time, ty KaL.

- Basic cleanup of GameServerThread. isBannedGameserverIP() now works using banned_ip.cfg (eventual workbench to split servers/client IPs + XMLization of the .cfg ?).

- arrows are correctly dropped/deleted (current equipped pack stays equipped), ty Erlandys.

- added missing HTM dialog for Metheus, ty KaL for report.


PS : spawnlist *system* isn't retail-like, but L2J system will be kept as data doesn't suck anymore.

PS2 : some issues can happen with that new spawnlist, as it edits ALL existing spawns. Report on forums if any problem.

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Changeset 309


Quests / scripts, Spawnlist, Misc.


Quests / scripts

- cleanup numerous quests (up to q170 ; rework edited quests from previous rev again).

- fix a NPE occuring in Q232 (ty roko91).

- addition of MissQueen script + 4 multisells. Spawns are also handled by the script.


Spawnlist - ty dEvilKinG

- addition of missing spawns for 2 catacombs (Heretic / Apostate).

- drop of Miss Queen spawns (handled by script).

- refresh fixed respawn time for L2OFF ones.

- new feature : random spawn time (random + fixed = real respawn time). Edit npcinfo.htm.



- added the missing "1h cleanup task" for ground-dropped CW, ty KaL.

- [L2J 6136] Drop _attacking implementation and associated condition.

- [L2J 6131 / 6137] Fists are considered as a dual attack weapon (players only). Drop the "dual" boolean parameter on calcPhysDam() && isUsingDualWeapon() method.

- "Characters donning Formal Wear cannot use skills and magic. If they equip weapons or shields, the Formal Wear will automatically be unequipped.", ty KaL. Drop the check from CW which was unequipping FW to avoid double checks.

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Changeset 310


Quests, Misc.



- cleanup quests up to q250. Fix also few bugs/typos/logic on existing quests.

- addition of Q214, Q219, Q231.



- random respawn should be -+, not only +. Ty fernandopm for reminder.

- cleanup AdminCreateItem handler, and add create_set command (integrated in itemcreation panel). Open the inventory window. Ty KaL.

- the champion reward system is now bound to regular level restriction (deepblue drop).

- add few missing teleporters spawns (catacombs related), ty dEvilKinG.

- fix two issues regarding boats (deviant boat walking in the mountain, "merging" boats in Rune docks), and messages/timers. Ty KaL.


PS : that revision has been delayed because I played a lot and I'm not sorry about it !

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Changeset 311
Pledge rework, Clans Wars, Misc (ty KaL for the good work)
Pledge rework
- Unecessary packets removal and packet flood decreased (clan tab doesn't need to completely be refreshed for every update).
- Correct use of PledgeShowMemberListAll and PledgeReceiveSubPledgeCreated.
- Fixed a bug where clan members would be shown in main clan - no matter what his pledge type was - after logging out.
- Sponsor and Apprentice are real-time updated and have their name listed in yellow, except for themselves (client handled).
- RequestPledgeReorganizeMember updated : you can't send captains out of main clan.
- A clan member can only be assigned as captain of ONE sub-unit.
- L2Clan loading: a single query cares about clans loading, instead of one query for IDs + one query per loaded clan.
- PledgeReceiveWarList better sniffed and documented (now there's a new option of war display. They are: Declared, Under Attack, Declare War (new, so far unused).
- RequestSurrenderPledgeWar checks for priviledges (avoid packet exploit), although it's not certain that this packet is still used by Interlude client.
- The "Party" column located in Priviledges panel correctly works. Drop RankPrivs getParty() system (wasn't used).
- RequestPledgeMemberPowerInfo and RequestPledgeMemberInfo are better documented.
- Fix ManagePledgePower packet.
- broadcastToOnlineMembers() supports array of packets (avoid to create a list of clan members on every use).
- When a player is invited to a clan, he is setted to the correct affiliation rank.
- Sub-unit creation costs are setted to 5000 for Royal Guards && 10000 for Order of Knights (instead of 2500 for both).
- Update member's siege state on clan invitation / leave.
Clan Wars
- Clan War request checks :
- You cannot send war to your own clan anymore.
- You can send war to clans with less than 15 members, but only if it has declared war on you first.
- A clan cannot have more than 30 active wars.
- Check is made on member's privileges instead of clan leader.
- You cannot send war against a dissolving clan.
- Clan War stop check :
- Cannot be stopped if any clan member is in combat.
- War info tab updated: Under Attack list supports pagination (13 clans/page).
- Clan War penalty : ending a Clan War brings 5 days penalty to the clan, so it cannot send war to the same clan again until it expires.
- Drop useless columns in clan_wars table (wantspeace1, wantspeace2).
- Command handlers 88, 89 && 90 show proper message if there are no wars/attackers.
- SystemMessage 247 typo ("S1" requiered, because it has parameters).
- Exp loss calculation considers if there's one-sided war.
- Fix some Q219 HTMs encoding (was UTF-16 instead of ANSI).
- /clanpenalty usercommand is reworked :
- cache the HTM && default String.
- add Clan War penalty in the possible choices.
- fix content when numerous penalites are listed.
- Addition of /siegestatus usercommand, I publically shared my implementation :
- Cleanup onKillUpdatePvPKarma( and associated methods.
- Cleanup quests up to Q270.



Edited by Tryskell

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Changeset 312

Quests, Community Board, Misc
- Cleanup up to Q280.
- Fix 2 issues on Q039 (sound and drop rate), ty Ailierynn for report.
Community Board - ty Erlandys
- Rework Community Board system to allow more inheritance uses (logger, error messages, etc).
- Polish && cache all HTMs content (and that was fucking long).
- "Clan" tab
- Send different clan details following randomer, member, or clan leader status.
- Implements clan mail panel. 
- Implements clan management panel (with working introduction system).
- Completed the implementation of clan notices system, merging "clan_notices" table with "clan_data" table which avoids SQL queries.
- "Region" tab
- Two panels are added listing castles / CHs owners (custom as not existing on retail, but follow GoD vision).
- "Friend" tab
- Implements Blocklist panel.
- Implements friend mail panel.
- "Mail" tab : 
- add the "girl voice" (sexy as a robot) when you receive a mail, and add a popup at Enterworld if you got unread waiting messages.
- Cleanup core side.
- addition of missing use of SystemMessage 1761, ty Trance for report.
TODO : rework "Top" && "Memo" tabs (didn't touch at all), implement "Clan" forums.
IMPORTANT : need to add 3 columns in clan_data. The whole organization for CB HTMs is also edited.
Edited by Tryskell

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Changeset 313


Quests, Spawnlist, Sieges (part I), Misc



- Cleanup up to Q300.

- Fix an error on Q300 (missed a cond).

- Add dropMultipleItems() method (used on Q108 && Q293 for the moment), ty Ailierynn.



- Add back artifacts spawns.

- Add back 32030 spawn (Leopard's Dead Carcass).

- Move 32090 spawn (Garden Sculpture, from Leopard's Dead Carcass location to guessed Frozen Labyrinth location).



- SiegeManager

- Drop the map storing artefacts and associated config (unused).

- Use format for sieges configs (public static, no getters, THAT_WRITING_STYLE).

- L2CastleChamberlain

- Money for doors / traps is now took from player inventory, not clan warehouse.

- Proper HTM for adena check on Castle Chamberlain (for doors /traps upgrades).

- Drop of a double YOU_NOT_ENOUGH_ADENA message (already handled by reduceAdena()).

- Rework Flame and Control systems (avoid to null/re-create maps, drop old SiegeSpawn class for TowerSpawn).

- L2SwampZone && L2DamageZone inherits from a new zone, named L2CastleZoneType (inheriting itself from L2ZoneType).

- L2DamageZone task is cleaned up (notably will cancel if value <= 0 instead of for looping doing nothing like an idiot).

- Implements castle traps system.

- You have to pay for activation.

- Destroying a Flame Tower desactivates trap controlled by that Flame Tower.

- Traps affect defenders aswell ("Once activated, the flames do not distinguish friend from foe.").



- Fix AdminCreateItem handler (KaL you're fat), ty meX for report.

- Rework setTarget(), in order it automatically sends MyTargetSelected (and StatusUpdate if the target can been isAutoAttackable()).

- Fix splitting damage if you got a shield but are unarmed (should be considered as one handed, not fist), ty raphaelfersan.

- Add 9 missing skilltypes in L2NpcTemplate addSkill(, meaning monsters will now use their whole skillset, ty xblx.

- Cleanup almost all getSkillsArray() uses to use proper "skilltypes" maps when possible. Reduce the number of checks needed aswell.

- Don't reward adenas in party if you're already maxed + slight method cleanup, ty xblx (didn't reuse the whole fix).

- Fix guards behavior when they're under attack (you're supposed to be able to speak with them while fighting, n/c), ty Kenrix.

- Fix next intention unlock while using a bow (must occur at 50% gauge). Didn't fix yet the casting intention (probably can be made editing intentions, instead of forcing it via a timed task).

- Fix ShopPreviewInfo packet, ty Ailierynn.

- More uses of getAttackType(), which reduces generated code (when only L2WeaponType was required).

- addition of replace(String, int/long/double) methods in NpcHtmlMessage packet (which avoids a lot of visual long code).


PS : new SQL table for traps.

PS2 : zones XMLs are edited as traps zones need dedicated id. 70000 and 71000 ids are used.


IMOPRTANT : Some stuff are still bugged. More to be done / fixed / polished in next rev.

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Changeset 314

Sieges (part II), Extractable, Misc
Sieges (part II)
- Doors
* rework doors upgrade system to introduce castleId column (avoid to generate StringBuilders).
* broken door/wall SystemMessage is now broadcasted to defenders (and not to the door knownlist).
* doors upgrades are correctly cleaned on midVictory (objects were holding old properties).
* drop of _doorUpgrades Map and uses. It can be directly handled looking the door value.
* spawnDoors method.
- split content between closeDoors (used at start siege) and spawnDoors (midVictory / end siege). It avoids to send x2 broadcastStatusUpdate
- drop of spawnDoors() to simply keep and use spawnDoors(boolean).
- dead doors are supposed to be revived during midVictory.
- don't process anymore doors upgrades loading during siege start / midvictory / end.
- starting a siege shouldn't spawn doors, simply close them. If you mess with doors, use //spawn_doors.
- Traps
* the traps damage task cleanup is made during its lifetime, not everytime a player leaves the area.
* add a message when a trap is broken, and another when it's triggered (broadcasted to defenders).
- fix concurrent issues (fix weird siege behavior on attackers/defenders lists and artifact cast NPE).
- drop the array on Siege constructor (getCastle() returns a simple Castle object), a Siege object is created with Castle object (created in same time). Avoid null checks/possibilities
- You don't need 2 artifacts casting to midVictory Goddard / Schuttgart, only 1 is enough.
- cleanup L2ControlTowerInstance, the list is created with the object (avoids null checks and the synchronized crap).
- rework Extractable handler
- avoid to create dummies L2ItemInstance - without counting those generated by addItem
- drop the check based on subclass
- avoid a second for loop.
- rework the 2 int arrays to be handled by a list of ItemHolder (addition of that holder, and creation of a folder for holders).
- drop L2ExtractableProduct and associated system from L2EtcItem (postIL stuff).
- cleanup few methods (uses aswell) - reduceAdena, addItem - which avoids visual issues, cloned sent packets, useless objects creation (dummies L2ItemInstance notably).
- cleanup L2Observation (avoid to parse 2 times the same String, shorter code).
- cleanup numerous (150+) String.valueOf( - due to previous revision introducing it directly embedded on NpcHtmlMessage. Probably some are left, but I dropped a good part already.
- drop of L2EtcItem _isBlessed parameter.
- revert some reduceHp( changes made on PcStatus, which was buggying falling damages and trap zones system (as attacker was null, it was returning).
- had to slightly re-position how things are loaded in (Seven Signs are now loaded before Castles).
- drop the castle id check on (getCastle() != null && getCastle().getCastleId() > 0) - it is always > to 0... If it's not, you messed.
- move the castle doors upgrades loading from Gameserver to DoorTable (more legit).
- heavy cleanup of L2ClanHallManagerInstance.
PS : you need to edit castle_doorupgrade.
PS2 : L2ClanHallManagerInstance cleanup is untested.

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Changeset 315

Quests, Misc
- cleanup up to q330.
- add setItemIds() method to replace questItemsIds = new int {}.
- add hasQuestItems(int...) to avoid "hasQuestItems(int) && hasQuestItems(int) && hasQuestItems(int) &&..."
- add hasAtLeastOneQuestItem(int...) to avoid "hasQuestItems(int) || hasQuestItems(int) || hasQuestItems(int) &&..."
- Castles
* sieges loading is reverted back (was messing in different points)
* castles loading is only processed in CastleManager (avoid to split the loading on multiple sections).
- L2DatabaseFactory is cleaned up, we dropped msSQL support and ConnectionCloser (handled by "try ()" Java 7 system).
- Update the different libs up to latest (drop the debug message from C3P0).

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Changeset 316

Quests, Misc
- cleaning up to Q350
- addition of Q350 (+ dp/core support for crystals leveling). Compared to Hasha version :
- addition of the itemget sound on a success.
- change of % luck calculation (was messed).
- slight edit on DP side (addition of all T. rex IDs, drop of the dummy Antharas ID).
- slight edit on HTMs.
- drop getExpertiseLevel() method, hardcoding values directly on the array.
- add the possibility to script item usage for scripts (one use for Q350, but can be useful for your custom scripts).
- cleanup double checks on clan leveling.
- fix a NPE (death penalty, due to attacker being possibly null from last revision).
- add a missing break on RequestActionUse (cases 61 / 1000 were melted).
- add a security check on RequestShortCutDel (ty Root).
- fix an issue with static objects targeting (due to previous setTarget rework).
- sit stuff
- cleanup isSitting() check, avoid to send twice CharSit packet to yourself.
- methods unification for the different uses.
- delayed action for /sit is now implemented.
- when a throne is targeted, the player runs to it, and sit on destination if it's too far.

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Changeset 317

Quests, Misc
- cleaning up to Q360.
- numerous drop rate edits.
- fix one HTM not correctly shown on Q354 (case where QItems are superior to 100).
- fix class change quests to be not repeatable, and add the socialAction packet.
- fix Q357 reward system, and some HTM typos.
- addition of Q211, Q213 - ty roko91.
- drop SkillsEngine singleton ; those different methods are now handled directly on concerned sections (ItemTable and SkillTable).
- split npcs.xml into multiple files, following Pauler (L2JPes) method (it was commited into a single big file because I didn't find a valid splitting method).

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Changeset 318
Quests, Skills, Misc
- addition of Q225, ty to sharer.
- drop TARGET_ITEM && TARGET_CORPSE_CLAN target types.
- cleanup few target types, in order to avoid to recalculate numerous times the caster<>victim distance (when handled by getKnownTypeInRadius).
- rework TARGET_CORPSE_MOB in order to drop a ClassCastException (you can't "corpse life steal" summons anymore).
- fix Mass Resurrection skill, ty sahar.
- add support for Sin Eater skill (suicide aura skill + few random chat).
- all "betray" checks got their appropriate user messages.
- passive summons such as Sin Eater, Big Boom or Wyvern shouldn't be able to use Attack button.
- fix a ClassCastException when you tried to attack L2StaticObject (thrones, etc) using the Attack button. It's an invalid target from now.
- enchant boni are now refreshed if +4/+6 from admin panel. Decreasing enchant value also works.
- cleanup L2ArmorSet methods, allowing less inventory checks (up to 3 times with is6Enchanted method use).
- fix cellpathfinding geodata option (massive NPEs from javolution drop), ty Hasha.



Edited by Tryskell

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Changeset 319


GM commands, Skills / Formulas, Misc - Part I


GM commands

- addition of //knownlist : allow to check target's knownlist. Eventually, the use of that command would be extended later.

- from now, //gm schedules the rollback of the previous accesslevel (allow easy testing without manual accessLevel drop/add + character relog). Default 1 minute.


Skills / Formulas

- rework Func and classes holding such data (notably moving from [] to List).

- rework Env to match with latest L2J (getters / setters, "div/mul/add/sub"Value methods, getPlayer() addition).

- drop numerous unused Conditions (9 overall).

- rework calcHitMiss method (roughly -10% success compared to before), add night and Z+- modifiers, lower behind and side modifiers (from 20/10 to 10/5).

- fix gladiators charge system. It matches L2OFF IL.

- matkModifier && levelModifier ratios from skills % landrate are reworked, as it is currently totally breaking formulas.



- numerous cleanups (complete some javadoc, drop useless methods, reorganize checks in order to avoid to calculate not needed stuff).

- fix a NPE caused by selecting "show skills" chat option on a skill trainer NPC with no active target.

- doors getName() is correctly setted, while internal getDoorName() and _name dissapear.

- revert some sections of rev 239 concerning sieges dates. Drop 7 signs period check aswell (not existing on retail).

- fix few concurrency weaknesses.


Part I means there's a part II, it's UNSTABLE. Use it at your own risks. There were too much edits to be able to re-read what I edited, I decided to commit it like that.


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Changeset 320

Sieges, MDT (Part I), Misc

    - fix registration date end calculation (cf : Siege participation registration is closed twenty-four hours before the start of the siege.).
    - registration date is now calculated on server startup, and based on siege date (it was missing).
    - move siege logs when a new date is setted, not on server startup (well if your server had old dates and need refresh it will show, but otherwise it won't).
    - rework startAutoTask() in order to avoid to cancel/set twice ScheduleStartSiegeTask (if date is too old and need to be edited).
Monster Derby Track - part I
    - announcements aren't broadcasted twice anymore and are based on zone types, not on L2RaceManager knownlists.
    - race informations are now refreshed on player teleport (can see properly monsters).
    - set the default race number to 1 instead of 4.
    - setup race announcements like L2OFF, using a 20min game cycle rather than 10min.
    - move the entire race system logic from L2RaceManagerInstance to MonsterRace. Reduce the number of running tasks from 40 (20 per NPC) to 1.
    - newSpeeds() isn't processed twice anymore (dropped from newRace() end).
    - newRace() logic is rewritten (avoid to get NPC clones, better performance).
    - implements "View Past Results" button (holding past races informations up to 7 races).
    - fix few warnings spotted by new Eclipse version, ty SweeTs.
    - fix previous commit regarding //enchant admincommand (was testing with only me online, so didn't see this coming), ty SweeTs.
    - fix FuncMAtkCritical, ty sahar to point it.
    - add 2 methods to broadcast crap, toAllPlayersInZoneType() and toAllPlayersInRegion(). Each allow numerous packets as parameter.



Changeset 321

MDT (part II), Misc

MDT (part II) - a big thanks to roko91 for odd calculation ^^.
    - move MonsterRace in most appropriate section (
    - add data persistance :
        - current race state is saved on race end. The current race number is retrieved from history aswell.
        - bets on lanes (from CURRENT race) are saved on ticket obtention. It allows to recalculate odds without errors.
    - fix previous commit regarding "View Past Results" button (records should be shown from newest race to oldest).
    - add odds rate calculation per lane (happens at "tickets sales closed" event).
    - the odd of the first place is now saved on HistoryInfo.
    - drop double message on ticket obtention.
    - implements "Calculate Winnings" button (3 different bypasses, with numerous checks).

    - add retail HTM when you got too much quests. Ty Root.
    - fix a ConcurrentModificationException ; slight rework of L2SiegeClan. Ty sahar.

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Changeset 322

Trove drop, Misc

Trove drop
    - drop entirely usage of that library, as there is almost no impact on performance.
    - basically :
        - TIntObjectHashMap : Map<Integer, Object>
        - TIntIntHashMap : Map<Integer, Integer>
        - TShortObjectHashMap : Map<Short, Object>
        - TIntArrayList : List<Integer>

    - remove/add the SA if a weapon grade penalty occurs/doesn't occur. Ty KaL for the idea.
    - cleanup sortHeroesToBe() method.
    - fix map_regions.xml in order 20_25 and 21_25 teleport to Talking Island (fix Elven Ruins).
    - fix a sit visual bug. Ty Kingzor.
    - fix siege skills on subclass change, and drop a double use of restoreDeathPenaltyBuffLevel(). Ty Kingzor.

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Changeset 323


    - numerous cleanups (Javadocs, formatting, methods renaming, organizing classes, etcs).
    - AutoSpawnHandler > AutoSpawnManager (moved to instancemanager)
    - RecipeController > RecipeTable (moved to datatables)
    - SevenSigns / SevenSignsFestival (moved to instancemanager)
    - CursedWeapon (moved to model.entity)
    - model.partymatching folder creation (moved 3 classes inside)
    - numerous "L2" drops on names (L2Item, L2Weapon, L2Armor, etc). More to come.
    - Item renamed NewItem (because of L2Item renamed Item), and internal Item (another one) class dropped for ItemHolder use.
    - rework checkPvpSkill method. Ty Kingzor for the buff/heal fix.
    - recipes lists are on Collection from now (avoids operations from/to arrays).
    - drop _charId, getter/setter. Use of getObjectId() on the few uses.
    - rework SkillDat (renamed for SkillUseHolder), avoiding to create a massive amount of objects (3 final objects per players refreshed on demand, instead of 1 created per casted/queued skill).
    - _currentPetSkill getSkill() is correctly setted to null after a pet skill cast.
    - [L2J 6477] fix a double login issue.
    - [L2J 6488] [L2J 6490] implements MaterialType, CrystalType enums. Cleanup ItemTable. Move and rename classes.
    - addition of missing sounds for boats, ty Root.
PS : you have to replace all items/skills XMLs, and few quests/scripts aswell.

Edited by SweeTs

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