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Sickboyz Marchet On [Innova Core]

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Hello Im interesting in buy some items...

Wtb Ruler's authority

Wtb Tauti DualBlunts

Wtb Tauti Fragments

Wtb Dark Etarnal Stone
Wtb Frintezza Soul Neck
Wtb Antharas Earring

Wtb Orfen Soul

Wtb Baium Ring

Wtb Talisman OF Longing

Wtb Blessed Seraph Heavy Set
Wtb Blessed eternal light parts

Wtb Eternal Light set 120
Wtb QA Soul

WTS Blessed R99 Pole +4 300 Guidance + Damage

Wts valakas Neck SOLD

Wts Blessed Eternal Light set SOLD

Wts Octavis Neck Warrior SOLD
Wts Beleth Ring SOLD
Wts Blessed Zaken earring  SOLD
Wts Istina Neck  euro SOLD
Wts Istina ring wizard SOLD



Trusted ! He bought a char from me!

I sold him a baium. He is a trusted buyer.


Trusted goggog:)



Lol0, on 15 Jan 2013 - 11:24 PM, said:snapback.png

+1, all went good




he bought 1kkk from me. got the money, i'm satisfied.



;DHe bought istina earring from me...good trader ;D

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