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[CS][Share]Hax0r's BuyScript Creator NEW UI!

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Well, it's pretty basic but at least I've tried :P .

Choose the button and the weapons and generate the script :)

Download it and u'll see.


It's 100% safe, 'cause it's created by me :)



If u find any mistake, plz let me know.


V1.1, new options added^^ :P

V1.3, Weapon Names added(now, understandable ;))

V1.4, Save-step is now improved+Some mistakes fixed

V1.6, Made some redirection points to maxcheaters.com and some other changes!

V2:Completely changed UI

V2 pIc(updated):




RS.Com V1.0

RS.Com V1.1

RS.Com V1.2

RS.Com V1.3

RS.Com V1.4

RS.Com v1.5

RS.Com V1.6

RapidShare.Com V2

MegaUpload.Com V2 (updated)

4Shared.Com V2 (updated)


I've lost the source code, so I can't develop it any more.

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ty for the karma thingy :P

I'll possibly update it :)



PS2: I'll get the weapon selection menu updated. New names :P --->this will be v1.3

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