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[L2j] L2Nilfgaard mid x200 GM shop up to A grade! (10.03.2013 START!)


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Exp/SP 200


Party 1.5


Adena 70


Drop Item 10


Spoil 40


Quest 5


Pet Exp 50







GM Shop (up to A grade)


Luxury GK


Buffer - buffs 26+4, time 1h - 3rd class buffs 30min


Rebirth Manager


Class Master


Clan Manager


Raid Boss Info


Event/Vote Shop


Donate Shop


Wedding Manager


Deleveler NPC







Team vs. Team


Capture the Flag


Death Match






away - .away & .back (away only in peace zone)


banking - .deposit & .withdraw (1 Gold Bar = 500 000 000 adena)


offline - trade/craft


rebirth - minimum level for rebirth 80, max rebirth 3, Bonus skills and levels for Mages/Fighters. To use you need Glittering Medal


Vote Reward






Champion mobs - chance for a mob to became champion 25%, drop Glittering Medal chance 50%


Player protection level - 45


Low level protect - 0-19,20-39,40-51,52-60,61-76,76-80


Auto loot


Auto learn skills


Player spawn protection - 25sec


New Giran and flying harbor - in the flying harbor find in Special Raid Boss ( drop 100% Enchant Arm/Wep S grade ) For teleport you need noblesse status and 50 Gate Pass. RB Spawn 12h


Olympiad - every week


Siege - in siege Town pvp mode





Players Online - .online


Farm/PVP Zone - .pvp1 .pvp2 .farm1 .farm2


Character Repair - .repair







Safe 4


Max Arm/Wep 16


Normal 50%


Blessed 75%


Crystal 100%



Join us! (im not owner!)

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