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Worst drinking day y u ever had?


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Drank 2 beers, 800 vodka with redbull. Lost my cellphone, my money. And woke up in a friend's house. Had 3 days of hangover :okey: i still don't remember what happened in that night  :poker face:I'll never drink again :-beep- yeah:


Y u ?

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3 liters of vodka with ice, half a liter tequila (in shots) , 1 bottle whiskey  , i was alright until i smoked some weed from a friend then i lost the world around me :P , it was a very bad combination

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I was about to turn 14 yo kid and i was at this moldovian rachits friend place and they brought like absinthe and whiskey and other various liquors. So you can imagine i was a stupid kid whom didnt understand what i was drinking, and i would of just drinking them like shots and from the bottle, i didnt even know how drunk can one get, i thought it was a joke XD


Eventually, it was like prodigy's "smack my bitch up" i remembered everything(never lost my conceosness drunk), a bit vguely in some parts(at a point i started to share punches with my friend cus i thought he pushed me in front of a buss.. that wasen't the case tho... poor dude) but i do remember the night and it was pretty wiled..


Climbed up the library balcony of the cultural palace in my home city, started singing (people said i was screaming, well i pretty much liked death metal back then.. alot) the fire men got me down from there and tryed to take me home but i ran(i have no idea how, tho my friend told me i ran and they stop chasing me when i got to far off hill since the park of the cultural palace was pretty bushy and woody). After i lost them i was really sleepy tierd and ill, i puked my fuking intestines out but fortunately i didnt puke on myself, i sleept on the ground for like 1h or so i think(good thing it was summer). Then I went to a girl(crush) school colleague of mine, at 3 am in the morning, her parents were working in Italy so she had some cousins at her place to take care of her, but were most of the time away even that night, so i think i remember myself being casual and sensible but in real life if i think of it now i was babbling like a -beep-ing fool. Anyway she did took me in i sleept in her parents room on the bed and then on the floor(thats where i woke up), good thing i didnt puke at her place..


Anyway the sun woke me up at about 11 am, she went to school and left me a note (she locked me inside, freaking dominatrix) she did make me smth ready to eat.. so i waited there for 3 more hours. I was such an asshole i went through her personal stuff, found out so much stuff about her.. Which eventually got me laid with her 2 years in the future. Yeah.. also when i got home i found out that my parents already contacted the police and declared me missing.. Man the beating i got that day from my father, i think i still got scars on my back.


Still tho, best night ever.

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Well , i guess the first night on a school trip.(3 days trip - on a luxury hotel)

Me and many guys and some chicks are sitting in a room drinking some beers.Didn't drink too much , 2 cans maybe.We would then start drinking absenth and serkova vodka (pure).Drunk i was , i got a joint infront of my face (stopped smoking joints about 1 and a half year) and yeah i remember everything i was so damn high and so damn bad.Was puking everywhere , broke a mirror in the room's bathroom , destroyed my cellphone and fell into the water with 50 euros in my pocket.

I slept on the bed , thank god everybody left so i could.

That weed was special , i mean , i never felt like that before.I was forgeting where am i and why each 3 seconds , and almost got a heart attack.





not to mention i took a dump on that luxury's hotel pool

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i could tell you about my drinking week at Rhodos but day?

It was 7 years befor when me was 16 yo

Bla bla blav went out and drink drink drink then i got Drunk

I had a fight with 2 guyz Witch i beat em hard  :not bad:  :-beep- yeah:

I ask a girl to be my girlfriend and see said no  :rage:

i got in da club drank a bottle of Bacardi_Superior.jpg

WITH ONCE i just oened ma god damn mouth and in 1 min it was over

I remember about 15 min later i was dancing and fell of the table


Still i can't remember after that (and yeap it was only 00:30) 

i woke up at my house toilet i throu up and went to sleep

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First time i tryed Absolut Vodka.....at the first glass..didn't feel anything...at the second....i was a little dizzy...at the third i was again not feeling anything....then i made the mistake to put some Burn(energyzer) in it.....i was like a mind-controlled puppet....i could think very clearly but my body didn't respond at all....at a moment i start to rage :rage: into my head because i couldn't get up....thank god one of my friends waked me up...after that...i was feeling good again, a little dizzy...but didn't feel my stomach for the next 3 days

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