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[REQUEST] A Code Free* if some1 want help*



Hello i need a free code i m not a clever boy like *Tryskel* just no money  i have 3e this days

i dont cry and ask if some1 want help reply please.


I want a code where Fighter* Skills power Is  based on P atck of every fighter

I mean when a char increase his p atck by 10% skill power increase about 10%

now i have a dager and i make my weapon +15 get full p atck and i do same dmg with a +0 and full defence....

that is fail 4 me


When i do a weapon +50 skill power increased but is very low i increase p atck for 100% and skill power increased for 10% maybe exist a file  and we can fix taht without code??? Only A Pro Dev can fix this one??


Tryskell Lock my 1st post becuse 1 done by mistake 2nd reply  in my topic* i try to send Private mesage but i done reply*

I say to he unlock and his answer was this one*


*You bumped topic, that's the first problem.


The second is you ask for code : we don't provide code, and as you don't know how to use eclipse, even if we would, you couldn't apply it (so, biglol).


So now go learn english and make some decent sentences, read some tutos about how to use Eclipse, and finally make a decent ask with a beginning of a code where you stuck on.


No pain, no candie.*   


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I don't often comment about english, as myself I make some errors,  but that one was particularly good :


omg i done wwrong that was for  private mesage  .........  unlock please ... one time i done wrong and you lock me???


So locked for the second time, and the third time you got a dekarma, ok ?



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