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re pedia 8elw exw auton ton server http://www.l2public.net/features.html kai 8elw na tou alaksw ta info otan ta alaksa m eginan katevata pws boro na to fix na ine me tin sira kapios as apantisi



Check The Html

Server Rates

* Experience: 5000

* Spexperience: 6000

* Party Experience: 2000

* Party Spexperience: 2000

* Adena: 3000

Enchant Rates

* Safe Enchant: +4

* Max Enchant: +16 ( For Blessed )

* Max Enchant: +18 ( For Crystall Schroll's)

* Normal Scroll Enchant Rate: 70%

* Blessed Scroll Enchant Rate: 100%

* Crystal Scroll Enchant Rate: 100%


* 50 Buff Slots

* 26 Song Dance Slots

* 10 Debuff Slots

Custom NPC/Custom Features

* Skill Enchanter Manager

* Augmenter

* Class Manager

* Server Information Npc


* Wedding Manager

* Anti PK In Peacezones

* Custom Noblesse Item In New Chars

* Announce Castle Leader Login

* PvP Reward Item

* Clan Reputation Item Added 11.07.2012 1000 Point Give


<strong>Custom Farm Zones

*  Farm Gold Bar ( PvP / PK ) Place : Monastery Of Silence

* Farm Gold Bar (Peace ) Place : Gludin Village

*Farm Lifestone High Grade  Place : Giran Harbor

Aguments Rate

*Agument Rate : 18%

1 Active +1 Passive

Olympiad System

*Retail Like

* Olympiad Cycle = 1 Weeks


Dm Event


Team Vs Team Event


Capture The Flag Event (CTF)


* Shout Chat With 200 Pvp

* Trade Chat with 100 Pvp


Clan Max Lvl : 8

Clan Members Need For War : 15 Members

Max Alliance : 3


etc ta exw akribos bali ala m ine katevata enw ta 8elw kanonika egw 3erei kaneis pws na to fix

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μετά από το τέλος κάθε σειρά πρόσθεσε την εντολή <br>. Με αυτή αλλάζει σειρά ένα κείμενο σε html.

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