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[exploit] enchant

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well i have lately seen many gm's in the wherehouses on the servers i play , there wherehouse enchant work's but u get banned if u stay more then 5 min in a wherehouse ... so i changed it a bit , to pet enchant ... well heres what u need to do , equip item , put it in pet inventory , take it out , enchant ... now go phx --->packet sniffer and add to packet send the fallowing packets in the same order






... now just keep the pet on target with his and your inventory open ... , use a scroll (don't click ok ) and in phx ---> send packets click "send" , also if u get bored of doing it , u can change "send every" to like 2000 ms , enable it and important use scrolls if the weapon is in your inventory


or some 1 would do a script similar the the wherehouse enchat , just replacing the wherehouse with pet (withdraw ---> getitemfrompet etc...)


anyways i tested it on l2core works but eats alot of time and adena , if u make yrself a script for this it will be alot faster .

ill hide it by 50 posts since it works at least on 1 server (c6l2j... didn't try more) well i can increse the post count by 10-20 for every server its working that u reply


ps sory for this sh!tty imagine , it got resized from 1280-1024 to 1280-1002 dunno how



theres still 2 other options to enchant (but u need a friend with phx and they are incomplete yet)

well ok

1st sell:


get EnchantItem and SendPrivateStoreBuy , (so 58 & 79)  u get the packets by enchanting the item , and starting private store sell

so now u use enchant scroll and click send , your friend buys the weapon , trades back to u , use scroll and send and so on

(this  is incomplete becouse it only worked once that my friend buyed a broken weapon from me , still trying to figure that out , and it dupped few times )


k now with trade , u need a friend with phx ,


Friends pakiets :

AcceptRequestTrade and TradeDone  he gets thouse packets when u traded him the item that u want to enchant , tell him to set send evry on 10 to 50 msec and enable it (after the trade he can put it off while u get ready for next send , couse he will lag)


Your packets:





u get thouse packets from enchanting the item , and trading it to your friend


k now if u have the packets ready open enchant scroll , keep your friend on target and be close to him , then click send , get the item from him , use scroll and send etc.. [if it doesn't enchant after the 1st try , the ID changed , u need to get it again , it dupped the item for me too [2-3 times made it ,bought weapons  stayed after restart


well good luck, ill make a script for the pet enchant soon [i think better sucess rate]

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50 posts -.-

pls don't spam this topic ... 50 isin't so high , i think the number will grow , but thats just my opinion




i dont spam, i want know and test it but i can't cuz you hide it, better make it 200 or 700 posts...-.-

i ain't insane or sumffin like it 200 or 700 for a half fixed (u need alot more scrolls) exploit that as far i know works on l2core , and the servers where wherehouse enchant work ... if i wouldn't hide it pll who just joined site can see it withound sharing anything on forum ...

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If this really works a good postcount for this should be high. Testing soon :).


ps sory for this sh!tty imagine , it got resized from 1280-1024 to 1280-1002 dunno how


It has something to do with lineage 2. I tried to set resolution 1280x1024 but in option.ini it says 1280x1002.

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I noticed that my weaponID kept changing maybe i did something wrong? i thought the weaponID supposed to stay the same. if you look at my packets it started out as BD 41 EA 40 and then it changed to 84 E9 40 01 when i took item back from pet and then changed to 8A 48 EC 40 when i enchanted

Thats not weapon ID you are looking at. It's object ID. Every item in it's own slot in inventory has it's own object id. For example you can have 10 daggers of the same name in inventory but they have different object IDs. If they had the same object id they would stack on each other (like adena).

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