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killing a donator

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alright , i killed a full fledged donator 3 times over today with SR class , it doesn't matter if u have over 500k p.atak and 2k+ attak speed u can have eaven 1kkkkkkkk p.atak it won't help u if u miss all the time :) , with all the stacks i had 186 evasion normaly (withound passiv/activ) , today i got agility passiv and activ , my evasion full buffed etc = 281 , with UE or evade shoot 367 evasion (kinda ROFL when u avoid all attaks vs fighters ultimate tank)

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If you ahve full boss jewels, change CoV por PoW, PoW = +100% Of chanse of landing a magic crit...


Add valakas, add Dance of Siren and you will have 100% of chanses of making a critical in any spell you cast....


If you get your ass kicked, try another server xD

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i can't agree with ideea "donations" wtf is this ? if you don't have money to keep a srv alive , then don't make it ... i mean If a srv is opened and you reach 700 players ON, normally you'll need a better machine , what you do ? add donation and fak all srv ... DONATORS=0=NON-SKILLED=NOTHING=RICH KIDS=STUPID PERSONS :)


p.s. how to pay 2-3k $ to own all ? where is the fun dieing - coming back kill them - dieing - etc :/

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you want a opinion? change server, man L2core sucks, Before when was Dynasty a epic mordor weapons, letters, hard to get adena, was good, then they made wipe and some changes on server and server start to sucks hard!! you get adena by changing Gold Bars ( so whats the valor of the adena ) you can buy everything, there is any Dynasty or S grade better armor so Mages have to use DC, server dont have limits, so boss jewls + DC + Arcana Acu + Infinity adena for enchants + All buffs from Buffer = SUPER OVERPOWERD....


Classes are all unbalanced! you cant pvp right! is a Soltaker, Daggers, Nukers and Archers Server, there is no other classes!

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well i stopped playin there a while ago , well if some1 of u plays there and has the same problem i had with the donators , then stuck auguments till u get 200+ evasion on necro ,then add a sub abyss walker and lvl it up , after that get some cp pots and hunt for donators , u don't have to worry , theonly thing they can do is hit u with a skill for like 4-5k (use the cp pots) the skill is loading for about 10-15 sec ... u just need to lethal him (won't take long , if u are unlucky about 20 blows max) after the lethal hes just a push-over . if u try to kill a donator with a class withound lethal ... it will take ages and he can run away when hes low hp (tryed that on necro ) and don't think that making a nuker wil help , cause with 18 k m.atak + dark vortex i only made 600 dmg to him

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and me i was kill donate i had evasion 999 and 15k m attack i hit him 3000 damage

and my hp was 23k with stack augments


well thats nice but i think u can't have 999 evasion eaven if u had 400 augumented weapons stacked on a mage , and with 16k m.atak i do 2,3k magic crits on necro


well i belive u , how many "hours" u needed to kill a the donator with 3k dmg ?

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Lol i saw that guy luckily most Donator dont kill me.

A Donator is not that Strong (DEPEND THE SERVER)

In L2 core Too The first time i Kill the donator i had DC Robe +15 Arcana Mace +20 i Was in my SPS SUPCLASS Using DEATH SPIKE With 1812 Casting Speed and 7.5k M Attack WITHOUT Arcane power.


+4WiT -4MEN

+4Wit - 4MEN

+4CON - 4STR



Surrender to wind

Death Spike



And then some Vortex.


Im such a noob at pvping but i kill a donator :D


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sorry to say this but anyone who plays on a server that overpowers donors SO MUCH (it's incredible IMO) it's stupid (to put it nicely). And people who create such servers (only to get donation money for them) should be killed >:)

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