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  1. For all you DOTA PLAYERS : https://signup.leagueoflegends.com/?ref=4c8e272ac361b997267440 I think you will like it. (that is a referal link,be kind and join trough me :D ) Game if free to play,with 40+ chars to choose,also the more you play the better your bonuses you get. p.s: this is in spam section so i dont get -1 for spamming XD
  2. In some weird way reminds me of Prototype(or at least mix of hellgate : london and prototype),too bad its only in Russian language. :/
  3. sry,havent been on this forum since ages. thanks.
  4. Since I cant find any,would some1 be kind to post some nice,stable,with community(++ :p) C3 or C4 servers. Thank you very much! =)
  5. Vein

    MyBrute :D

    Doubt you can beat me :P http://trtemrteontepor.mybrute.com
  6. Vein

    [Help] LAN

    I have problem(yet again!). My sis bought laptop,and now i want to create lan connection for her in which she only has to put in lan kabel into her pc and she is on net. Problem is,my internet connection is rooted(auto setup in router -> always on). Now..i have switch,one lan cabel goes into my FIRST lan card and then to switch. other goes into my router and into my SECOND lan card. Iv set up her connection like on my comp,except i gave her other ip. like this: My "lan" (the router one,for internet) is ip : subnet : gateway:
  7. Best archer for pvp,kamael :P Why? Atk spd,patk dont matter...u have roulette thingy...reuse is quite fast,and u have 40% chance to instant kill your opponent. Bad thing is that u have to have less than 30% hp or smthin,not sure ;) Its been ages since iv played l2 :P
  8. yep. during the c3/c4 times..heine to..dunno where :S aligator smthin..or dunno :) it was fun:)
  9. 6 Archers + bish + warlock (for cat buff :p) + bd bot the buffer and its nice pwnage ;)
  10. Marry me Anni! :D Meh,will try to improve :) thx ^^
  11. Well anni thx for the tips,this is my work so far: (its just test ..to see should i continue improving myself or stop now and decide that im total newb xD)
  12. Nice :) Iv tried workin' in photoshop..but(notice: BUT) i had problems with cutting out char from pic ..(i know the trick with select color range,then reverse but it doesnt work out everytime..so i get some parts of pic which i dont wont...and the laso thingy isnt for me XD im too dumb to select proper parts XD) :P
  13. If you dont have time,you can freely kick me outta list ;) i wont be mad ;) (ps: nice skills there..have you tried out design making or sth?)