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  1. Caffeine


    i know this kinds of emails are fake but i dont understand from where the hell they got my mail :-??
  2. Caffeine


    Guys what is the whole business with this emails that i recive ============================================================================= DEAR WINNER (REPLY TO: paulhawkins@ufo.tc FOR CLAIMS) From: "Nora.Ferrara@UAI.edu.ar" <Nora.Ferrara@UAI.edu.ar> Add to Contacts To: CONGRATULATIONS!!! Your Email I.D was selected at random and you have therefore been awarded the sum of GBP £ 850,000.00 (Eight Hundred And Fifty Thousand Great British Pounds Sterling) in the ongoing UK NOKIA ONGOING PROMOTIONS 2010. For claims contact: Dr Jim Harris Email: paulhawkins@ufo.tc OR
  3. its a good game when u are bored ^^
  4. ignition old old old splitscreen game....:))
  5. somebody should stop this guy:))
  6. sooo no walker for l2 survival?
  7. I em playing on a gracia final pvp server (L2 Dubai) and i have some problems: 1.why a guy hits me with 3000 dmg and i hit hm with 1000 : same clases(human archer),same wepons, same dyes, same buffs but i have vesper noble amor hevy +16 and he has light +16. 2.i have a hell knight full items all skills +15-16, and i cant do so much with him in oly,whyyyyyyyyyyy? some sugestions about atributes?........and i think i know to play l2 cuz i em playing for 6 years lineage and i was hero before on c6 mid-pvp servers
  8. thx for this guide i will try to use it on l2 frintezza :X
  9. yea its a good server i play on it in the first 10 minutes of the server 900 ppl on ::)))