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hellbound [Hellbound L2J] L2 vPain Hellbound Server


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WebSite: http://www.l2vpain.co.cc


CT1,5 ( Hellbound) client is required in order to play on server. (fully working kamael race)


Rates are:

exp: 500

sp: 500

adena: 500

drop/spoil: 7


Some features:

- c1 to interlude skills working 100% like retail[including nobless and hero skills] , around 50% of interlude skills working correctly.



- 100% accurate game mechanic (damage, evasion and other formulas)



- All castle functions working correctly like on retail (tax system, chamberlain, mercenary manager). Siege functions (door/walls enhancements, traps [controlled by damage towers]) are fully dependent on 7s status.



-Custom PvP/Pk/Hunting Zones (South Harbor-PvP Pk/Dragon Valley-Mass Hunting)



- Manor System

- Shadow items

- Clan halls

- Hero/Nobless/Olympiads

- Augmentation

- High stability and good performance

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