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Share L2Tracker Bot (Gracia/freya/high Five/god/tauti/lindvior)


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L2Tracker - unique OCR bot for Lineage 2.
Tracker is working with game images and emulating user input. Works on ALL servers with Gracia or above update is installed.

Supported chapters: Gracia > Freya > High Five > Goddess of Destruction > Tauti.

L2Tracker abilities:

  • Tracker is an IG clicker-based bot, that can work even when game is covered by something else
  • You can bot solo/grouped, with any class.
  • You can select hutn spots, movement between them and unstucks.
  • It can use skills/macros depending on different situation.
  • The autosetup can create wide range of scripts, from simple click and hunt, to advanced 3-4 person group.
  • L2Tracker supports full mouse emulation, even outside of Lineage2
  • Supports buffer boxing even out of party.
  • Supports key redirect. You can use key combos (SHIFT+*) to transfer skill use to boxed character.
  • L2Tracker can make life simple on pvp/sieges by using potions as you specify.
  • Can accept group/traget invites from selected players.
  • Can track your soulshots and remind you of their absence via skype.
  • Excellent fishing skills are also applicable.
  • L2Tracker can enchant skills/items and insert lifestones.

Using tracker you can feel save.

  • No account data is shared anywhere
  • No injection in game that can be detected.
  • No packet work. Even if server will change packets they won't detect you, because we ain't using them
  • LameGuard proof.
  • GameGuard proof.


  • since no packet work and no injections  are involved, tracker cannot do anything game can't. Some functions are limited, some require mouse and keyboard.

Home site : en.l2tracker.net
Video guides are here
Setup guide is here.
English forum is here.
Latest version can be downloaded here.

Changing interface to english:

  • launch it once
  • open config.ini
  • set "lang" parameter to 'en'; lang=en
  • restart tracker

If you will be testing it on some big servers, feel free to contact me on some trial time.
Contacts are here.
PS. Feel free to ask questions.

< Anfet (developer)

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I'll probably need to make a guide thought all settings on site.


About payment...

That is kinda problem, since I have Russian payments, but really don't know a thing about how the World is paying for such things. Any idea? (for instance a sale site where I can upload codes and it will sell it? Ebay, Amazon?)



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Easiest way is to use PayPall since thats one of most common payment methods on the internet and alot of people use it. You can add their extension to your site so people can donate directily after clicking on the donate button. You can also add other methods which are commonly used like WebMoney(this one is not so Europe friendly as i know). Im sure it's worth a shot since you are providing a solid product, (in this case l2 bot which is actually working, where other bots don't), with wide range of potential customers.

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We will see how people will respond.


I've translated almost all major program functions. You can download latest version here.

To change to English:

- run it once

- go to config.ini

- change "lang" parameter to "en".

- restart tracker.


You will get "time expired" at launch.

Use trial code (32 zeroes):


It will give 2 days of trial.


I'll occupy myself with guide making on forum.

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Tested it for few hours and as long as you set up everything correctly it will work great. It is simple to set up and easy to use. It selects targets and attacks mobs without any problems. Use of buff skills, mana/hp potions is also working better than i expected. Bot flexibility can't be compared with l2walker for example, but considering that this bot works on almost every gracia final+ server (or above) where other bots dont work, its a genious and usefull program to have. I recommend it to everyone who wants to take advantage on other players and simply make their lineage2 gameplay easier, faster and more fun.

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