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Well  take a look here and you will understand ...




[12:43:46] valve_mxc: Hi fulgerica7! I’d like to add you on Skype. Valve Maxcheaters

[12:43:46] joker joker: joker joker a trimis detaliile de contact la Valve Maxcheaters.

[12:44:00] Valve Maxcheaters: Hello

[12:44:04] joker joker: hello

[12:44:12] Valve Maxcheaters: I am Valve from MaxCheaters

[12:44:44] Valve Maxcheaters: regarding your thread of sales on that server

[12:44:50] joker joker: l2elite

[12:44:59] Valve Maxcheaters: I have an friend interested in your items : custom armors + weapon + jewels

[12:45:13] joker joker: from where you guys are

[12:45:14] joker joker: ?

[12:45:37] Valve Maxcheaters: I am from Italy

[12:45:42] Valve Maxcheaters: and he is from UK

[12:45:57] Valve Maxcheaters: I did some trades for him in the past

[12:46:04] Valve Maxcheaters: for various L2 Servers

[12:46:11] joker joker: i understand

[12:46:41] Valve Maxcheaters: So tell me again what items do you have there

[12:46:44] Valve Maxcheaters: so I can c/p them

[12:47:02] joker joker: i have full raidb boss set

[12:47:06] joker joker: db+24 sa

[12:47:22] joker joker: elite light 20/10/10/10

[12:47:27] joker joker: and elite robe +4

[12:47:37] Valve Maxcheaters: Ok so server is c4 so assuming that

[12:47:40] Valve Maxcheaters: full raid boss set is

[12:47:45] Valve Maxcheaters: valakas/baium/antharas/zaken/aq

[12:47:47] Valve Maxcheaters: right?

[12:47:50] joker joker: yep

[12:47:58] Valve Maxcheaters: and that weapon +24

[12:48:01] Valve Maxcheaters: what SA it got ?

[12:48:05] joker joker: focus

[12:48:07] joker joker: for sure

[12:48:12] joker joker: db+24 focus

[12:48:32] Valve Maxcheaters: well, I'm just asking, I don't play on servers, I just do the deals for people

[12:48:51] joker joker: is ok

[12:49:00] Valve Maxcheaters: and 1 custom light set

[12:49:00] joker joker: well server is online since 2005

[12:49:02] Valve Maxcheaters: +20/10 other parts

[12:49:08] Valve Maxcheaters: and 1 custom robe set +4 set

[12:49:09] Valve Maxcheaters: right?

[12:49:11] joker joker: yep

[12:49:20] Valve Maxcheaters: ok, noted that down

[12:49:24] joker joker: elite 20/10/10/10 is max enchant

[12:49:30] Valve Maxcheaters: I see

[12:49:37] Valve Maxcheaters: About the price, how much for all

[12:51:19] joker joker: well  if you log in game  and try get valakas you will see is about 600-800 euro just valakas , all items worth 2k im gone sell them for 800 or smt like that

[12:51:56] Valve Maxcheaters: Well I don't really care about price, I'm just the guy with trades. It's not like I'm buying them :)

[12:52:03] Valve Maxcheaters: So 800 euros, right ?

[12:52:10] joker joker: yep

[12:52:16] joker joker: something like that

[12:52:17] Valve Maxcheaters: Ok, noted that down.

[12:52:31] Valve Maxcheaters: So this is all you sell, right?

[12:52:35] Valve Maxcheaters: No other chars or something.

[12:52:39] joker joker: well i have aio

[12:52:45] joker joker: and 2 chars nobles

[12:52:47] joker joker: ...

[12:52:52] Valve Maxcheaters: AIO like All In One Buffer ?

[12:52:57] joker joker: im not sure if he is interesed

[12:52:59] joker joker: yep

[12:53:17] Valve Maxcheaters: What is it

[12:53:20] Valve Maxcheaters: what race/male/female

[12:53:34] joker joker: dwarf female

[12:53:40] joker joker: pink hair

[12:53:46] Valve Maxcheaters: I see

[12:53:49] Valve Maxcheaters: how much for that also ?

[12:54:09] joker joker: 130 euro

[12:54:15] joker joker: this cost

[12:54:16] joker joker: 400 usd

[12:54:20] joker joker: 300*

[12:54:36] Valve Maxcheaters: ok, noted that down.

[12:54:59] Valve Maxcheaters: now I am talking with him via msn

[12:55:15] Valve Maxcheaters: please hold on a second, will tell you his answer.

[12:55:25] joker joker: yep i will be here

[12:55:55] Valve Maxcheaters: He asked me what method of payment would you preffer ?

[12:56:10] joker joker: well since my paypal is limited

[12:56:13] joker joker: western

[12:56:19] Valve Maxcheaters: western union, right?

[12:56:22] joker joker: yes

[12:58:25] Valve Maxcheaters: Ok so in total for both items+char is 930 euros.

[12:58:30] Valve Maxcheaters: He asked for a discount of 30 euros if possible

[12:58:48] joker joker: ye

[12:58:52] joker joker: i can do that

[12:58:58] Valve Maxcheaters: Ok good, sec.

[12:59:47] joker joker: ok

[12:59:58] Valve Maxcheaters: Ok tell me the info from western so I can note it down.

[13:00:11] joker joker:

[13:00:16] joker joker:

[13:00:21] joker joker: this is name

[13:00:29] joker joker:

[13:01:25] Valve Maxcheaters:

[13:01:28] Valve Maxcheaters:

[13:01:30] joker joker: yes

[13:01:30] Valve Maxcheaters:

[13:01:33] Valve Maxcheaters: right?

[13:01:44] Valve Maxcheaters: ok, noted down

[13:01:50] Valve Maxcheaters: one second to inform him

[13:01:58] joker joker: sure

[13:02:11] joker joker: i will give him the 2 chars nobless to

[13:02:22] joker joker: since im gone sell al items i will don't play anymreo there

[13:02:46] joker joker: 1 of it have like 5k pvp

[13:03:44] Valve Maxcheaters: Ok informed him about these 2 extra chars

[13:03:51] Valve Maxcheaters: They come as bonus?

[13:04:01] joker joker: yes

[13:04:01] Valve Maxcheaters: bonus=free

[13:04:06] Valve Maxcheaters: all right

[13:04:10] Valve Maxcheaters: sec, to tell him

[13:05:07] Valve Maxcheaters: ok, he told me it's a good deal :)

[13:05:19] Valve Maxcheaters: The server is C4 right ?

[13:05:19] joker joker: yeh ... well i i don't play anymore

[13:05:23] joker joker: yes

[13:05:26] Valve Maxcheaters: so I know what I can install

[13:05:39] Valve Maxcheaters: Ok, second, opening the installer

[13:05:47] Valve Maxcheaters: can you give me link from their website so I can download the patch also?

[13:06:01] joker joker: http://l2elite.us/

[13:06:14] joker joker: patch you find on forums

[13:06:28] Valve Maxcheaters: I see

[13:06:48] joker joker: http://www.4shared.com/file/0TPm0S8c/EPatch.html?

[13:12:06] joker joker: when you in game tell me

[13:12:11] joker joker: i will log in

[13:12:29] Valve Maxcheaters: It's installing, I will tell you when I finished

[13:12:37] joker joker: sure

[13:12:39] joker joker: i will be here

[13:14:00] joker joker: you are middleman ?

[13:14:42] Valve Maxcheaters: No, I am Valve.

[13:15:26] joker joker: http://maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=218719.0

[13:15:55] Valve Maxcheaters: I thought you reffered to old MiddleMan.

[13:16:22] Valve Maxcheaters: I am not him anymore, I talked with Maxtor to rename that acc and give it to me.

[13:16:55] joker joker: oh

[13:17:00] joker joker: :)

[13:17:25] Valve Maxcheaters: seems like installing finished

[13:17:29] Valve Maxcheaters: now pasting the patch

[13:17:36] Valve Maxcheaters: where should I come, in what town ?

[13:17:42] joker joker: aden

[13:18:00] Valve Maxcheaters: is there any global gk there? so I know if I got enough money to arrive there :)

[13:18:15] joker joker: well

[13:18:19] joker joker: i come where you are

[13:18:20] joker joker: then

[13:18:45] joker joker: global gk is the normal one

[13:19:17] Valve Maxcheaters: well I will create an character human and it will probably take me to talking island after I soe or unstuck or get killed by a guardian

[13:19:23] Valve Maxcheaters: so better come Talking Island :)

[13:19:32] joker joker: oke

[13:20:45] Valve Maxcheaters: ok just created char and spawned at gremlins

[13:20:52] Valve Maxcheaters: now I am heading to a guard to get killed to go to village

[13:21:07] Valve Maxcheaters: My character's name is : randomcharname

[13:22:37] Valve Maxcheaters: You are "IncomingDeath"?

[13:22:44] joker joker: ye

[13:22:47] Valve Maxcheaters: ok

[13:23:13] joker joker: ah is light too

[13:23:18] joker joker: the other armor +4

[13:23:25] joker joker: you can get robe  +4 and smt more

[13:23:31] Valve Maxcheaters: ah, I see

[13:23:38] Valve Maxcheaters: no problem then if custom robe = custom light

[13:23:53] joker joker: light is a bit more

[13:23:57] joker joker: you can take 100 mss

[13:23:58] joker joker: too

[13:24:37] Valve Maxcheaters: I see

[13:24:46] joker joker: :)

[13:25:06] Valve Maxcheaters: Ok, so listen how is the trade system

[13:25:11] Valve Maxcheaters: Because we using western union

[13:25:22] joker joker: i will never give firs

[13:25:23] joker joker: first

[13:25:25] joker joker: to know that

[13:25:31] Valve Maxcheaters: ?

[13:25:39] Valve Maxcheaters: What do you mean?

[13:25:59] joker joker: i won't give any items first  i saw  you have 1 negative trade too

[13:26:02] joker joker: so ..

[13:26:10] Valve Maxcheaters: That was from ex-mm

[13:26:17] Valve Maxcheaters: who got his email and acc hacked

[13:26:19] joker joker: ok i listen

[13:26:27] Valve Maxcheaters: and hacker scammed some members

[13:26:37] Valve Maxcheaters: but it's not a problem anymore

[13:26:41] Valve Maxcheaters: since all is cleared with Maxtor

[13:27:08] Valve Maxcheaters: he will clear the trade system soon and add even more because did some other successfull trades for some people

[13:27:28] Valve Maxcheaters: Coming back to our trade

[13:27:39] Valve Maxcheaters: because western union is in use

[13:27:43] Valve Maxcheaters: the trade system is as it follows :

[13:28:47] Valve Maxcheaters: Trader 1, meaning you will handle to me items + chars and I will hold them. Trader 2, meaning the other guy will go to western union bank after I tell him now and send you the 900 euros and after you confirm me that you received them I will handle him the items.

[13:29:33] Valve Maxcheaters: It takes like 1 day to arrive the money, so the next day you will confirm me on skype, here that you received the money and I will handle him the items/chars and deal done.

[13:29:41] joker joker: it take

[13:29:42] joker joker: 1 min

[13:29:43] joker joker: :)

[13:29:46] joker joker: first of all

[13:29:47] Valve Maxcheaters: western union

[13:29:49] Valve Maxcheaters: isn't via bank

[13:29:50] Valve Maxcheaters: ?

[13:30:00] joker joker: no is via cash in hand

[13:30:00] joker joker: :)

[13:30:05] Valve Maxcheaters: so he can send

[13:30:06] Valve Maxcheaters: online?

[13:30:10] Valve Maxcheaters: or go at bank

[13:30:11] Valve Maxcheaters: ?

[13:30:19] joker joker: go to bankor  western union office

[13:30:22] joker joker: and take 1 min

[13:30:23] Valve Maxcheaters: yes

[13:30:25] Valve Maxcheaters: and how you see

[13:30:26] Valve Maxcheaters: if you received

[13:30:27] Valve Maxcheaters: ?

[13:30:35] joker joker: i call ?

[13:30:35] Valve Maxcheaters: not via going to bank also

[13:30:40] Valve Maxcheaters: or you can check online

[13:30:47] Valve Maxcheaters: you call at bank?

[13:30:54] joker joker: i call at western union

[13:30:55] joker joker: :)

[13:30:57] Valve Maxcheaters: Ah, even better.

[13:31:02] Valve Maxcheaters: Sorry, but I don't have much experience

[13:31:04] Valve Maxcheaters: in western union

[13:31:08] joker joker: well

[13:31:12] Valve Maxcheaters: I thought it was via bank and taked time

[13:31:22] joker joker: not

[13:32:34] joker joker: listen im gone give items from my char only if he send money  [ without give me code from western ] so im gone call western union and ask them if i recived 900 euro from  ... name of that guy if yes im gone give you items and  you or him gonne give me code to take money

[13:32:44] joker joker: this is only way if don't agree i don't trade

[13:32:45] joker joker: :)

[13:33:33] Valve Maxcheaters: back, damn, my PC just restarted

[13:33:41] joker joker: :)

[13:34:17] Valve Maxcheaters: mate in this way you told he can loose his money so I don't want risk for anyone of the trades

[13:34:54] Valve Maxcheaters: As I told above, the way is  : I hold the items/chars, he sends money, you confirm you received, I give him the items/chars -> deal done.

[13:35:01] Valve Maxcheaters: best and safest way

[13:35:15] Valve Maxcheaters: Sec, I am logging back in game.

[13:36:12] joker joker: without code i can't take money

[13:36:13] joker joker: :)

[13:36:19] joker joker: he can take them back

[13:36:21] Valve Maxcheaters: Well as I don't have to know

[13:36:21] joker joker: just go western

[13:36:23] joker joker: talk them

[13:36:27] joker joker: and you will see

[13:36:30] Valve Maxcheaters: because I don't have experience in western union

[13:36:35] Valve Maxcheaters: I don't want to risk

[13:36:43] joker joker: i work with western union and i know

[13:36:51] Valve Maxcheaters: Well I don't and I don't know.

[13:37:00] joker joker: so you have to put your friend to go western talk then and he will get an answer

[13:37:12] joker joker: i won't risk this items too

[13:37:13] joker joker: :)

[13:37:35] Valve Maxcheaters: Well nobody is risking anything if doing by this way I mentioned above

[13:37:40] Valve Maxcheaters: which is the most secure way

[13:38:19] Valve Maxcheaters: It's not my call but I told you, I don't care if you don't want or not, I don't play on servers or other things like this, I just trade between people.

[13:39:53] Valve Maxcheaters: So tell me want to do this deal today? Because I have other things to do, you know.

[13:41:18] joker joker: no

[13:41:29] joker joker: i won't get scam

[13:41:30] joker joker: well

[13:41:33] Valve Maxcheaters: scam?

[13:41:34] joker joker: we can do for 1 item

[13:41:39] joker joker: well ye im afraid ..

[13:41:55] Valve Maxcheaters: mate I can give you people to which I have traded for untill now

[13:42:01] Valve Maxcheaters: also for big a-beep-ts

[13:42:16] Valve Maxcheaters: the only thing that I do is trade between people

[13:42:26] Valve Maxcheaters: trust me, it will all go fine and everybody will be happy

[13:42:26] joker joker: and what you win

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[13:42:27] joker joker: ?

[13:42:30] Valve Maxcheaters: I win respect from the community

[13:42:39] Valve Maxcheaters: and will get an advance in staff

[13:42:41] Valve Maxcheaters: as I talked with Maxtor

[13:43:25] Valve Maxcheaters: so can we do the deal ?

[13:43:37] joker joker: give me 2 min

[13:44:10] Valve Maxcheaters: ok sure, no problem

[13:45:25] Valve Maxcheaters: back

[13:45:27] Valve Maxcheaters: I was at the toilet

[13:47:00] joker joker: im calling a friend to see what he sayng

[13:47:08] joker joker: btw  after i give items

[13:47:14] joker joker: i will get money

[13:47:20] joker joker: but in how much time ?

[13:47:35] Valve Maxcheaters: well if it's like u told

[13:47:51] Valve Maxcheaters: probably instantly because it's at bank and the actualize it

[13:47:57] Valve Maxcheaters: they

[13:48:24] joker joker: can you give me that boy phone number ?

[13:48:45] Valve Maxcheaters: sec, to ask him

[13:50:57] Valve Maxcheaters: ok so he told me he doesn't wants to give any private info but he can give his msn to talk via msn

[13:51:39] Valve Maxcheaters: so what should I tell him

[13:51:40] Valve Maxcheaters: ?

[13:51:50] joker joker: how you talk him if he is at bank

[13:52:00] Valve Maxcheaters: he is on msn mate

[13:52:09] Valve Maxcheaters: he will go at the bank right away after I will hold the items/chars

[13:52:18] Valve Maxcheaters: after I received from you I will tell him

[13:52:21] Valve Maxcheaters: to go there

[13:53:55] Valve Maxcheaters: Coming back to our trade

[13:53:59] Valve Maxcheaters: can we do it today?

[13:55:18] joker joker: sec

[13:55:21] joker joker: i talking phone

[13:55:26] Valve Maxcheaters: ok, no problem

[13:57:04] joker joker: i will give you half items after i recive money i give the other part

[13:57:42] Valve Maxcheaters: and what would be the half items ? so I know what to tell to him

[13:58:50] joker joker: i have other idea lets do this trade for 1 item im gone give 1 item i take money if i  see i can trust you guys im gone give all others and iwill wait for money

[13:59:25] Valve Maxcheaters: what you suggesting won't work because it's via western union and I don't have all day to wait for him to go and send after again wait for him come home and after go

[13:59:33] Valve Maxcheaters: it's ridiculous :/

[13:59:56] joker joker: well it take 5 min this shit

[13:59:57] Valve Maxcheaters: let's just do the trade and get over with it

[14:00:03] joker joker: i was in london

[14:00:12] joker joker: western is open till 20 :00

[14:00:41] Valve Maxcheaters: yes mate but this trade method is ridiculous, he needs to go from home to wu and again home and again to wu a lot of times

[14:00:49] Valve Maxcheaters: and he's not really close to wu as he told me

[14:02:01] Valve Maxcheaters: as I told it let's just get over with it and do the trade so that guy can go after and send money and deal done

[14:02:05] Valve Maxcheaters: what's to hard?

[14:03:39] joker joker: ok them i will give items

[14:03:48] Valve Maxcheaters: ok I switching back in game

[14:04:37] joker joker: i give this after i recive money

[14:04:37] Valve Maxcheaters: this is all right?

[14:04:59] joker joker: i give baium aio char and other 2 accounts with baium

[14:05:24] Valve Maxcheaters: the items in-game + the chars

[14:05:27] Valve Maxcheaters: I hold them

[14:05:36] Valve Maxcheaters: after u gave me, I tell other guy to go and send

[14:05:43] Valve Maxcheaters: And after you confirmed me you received I will give him all

[14:05:45] Valve Maxcheaters: and deal done

[14:05:56] joker joker: i give this items i show now

[14:06:01] Valve Maxcheaters: so I switch back in game to confirm the trade

[14:06:06] joker joker: after i take money i gove aio account , 2 x nobles chars and baium more

[14:06:38] Valve Maxcheaters: ok then, switch back in game

[14:07:11] Valve Maxcheaters: sec

[14:07:14] Valve Maxcheaters: telling other guy

[14:07:15] Valve Maxcheaters: to send

[14:07:25] joker joker: ok ...

[14:08:05] Valve Maxcheaters: ok he told me that it's 900 euros, right ?

[14:08:07] Valve Maxcheaters: need you to confirm

[14:08:08] joker joker: yes

[14:09:02] Valve Maxcheaters: ok he is preparing to go

[14:09:18] joker joker: ok im gone wait

[14:10:48] joker joker: btw from where you

[14:10:50] joker joker: on italy

[14:11:03] Valve Maxcheaters: Cremona

[14:11:05] joker joker: i whas in roma

[14:11:08] joker joker: and sicilia

[14:11:16] joker joker: in sicilia at palermo

[14:14:43] joker joker: check game

[14:15:04] Valve Maxcheaters: talk

[14:15:06] Valve Maxcheaters: only here

[14:15:12] Valve Maxcheaters: well it walkk take around 10-15 mins

[14:15:15] Valve Maxcheaters: untill he responds back

[14:15:22] joker joker: oke then

[14:15:43] joker joker: you have a service like Lain

[14:15:44] joker joker: right ?

[14:16:01] joker joker: maybe you can find me some items on sublimity

[14:16:08] Valve Maxcheaters: will search after

[14:17:55] joker joker: oke

[14:18:50] Valve Maxcheaters: ok you there?

[14:18:52] joker joker: yes

[14:19:09] Valve Maxcheaters: he arrived there and texted me via his mobile phone

[14:19:14] Valve Maxcheaters: that he is ready to send

[14:19:31] Valve Maxcheaters: but he would want all items to be, meaning he wants the extra items left, which I suppose is the baium ring

[14:20:17] joker joker: baium is  on friend that i called and i have to give him 100 euro for it after i take them he will give me

[14:20:27] Valve Maxcheaters: ok, wait I will text him now

[14:20:32] joker joker: iu gave you

[14:20:35] joker joker: 90 %

[14:20:36] joker joker: of items

[14:20:41] joker joker: i trusted

[14:20:45] joker joker: rolf

[14:20:45] joker joker: ..

[14:21:02] *** Apel către Valve Maxcheaters, nici un răspuns. ***

[14:21:04] joker joker: soz

[14:21:14] Valve Maxcheaters: ok he told me

[14:21:31] Valve Maxcheaters: that if it's not the items left then the charcater with buffs

[14:22:04] joker joker: is same  from that friend mate

[14:22:17] joker joker: he won't give me until we recive money

[14:22:33] Valve Maxcheaters: he told me mate that he needs either the items left or the character with buffs

[14:22:34] Valve Maxcheaters: to be sure

[14:22:45] joker joker: i gave you  alll items

[14:22:51] joker joker: wtf

[14:22:55] joker joker: 90 % of items

[14:22:59] joker joker: you crazy

[14:23:05] Valve Maxcheaters: yes mate I know but that's how he told me

[14:23:17] Valve Maxcheaters: normally on an usual trade it's all items

[14:23:22] Valve Maxcheaters: but I did an exception here

[14:23:31] joker joker: we talked for this before

[14:23:38] joker joker: this whas deal

[14:23:48] joker joker: don't change rulles

[14:23:49] Valve Maxcheaters: yes but it's for safety of both

[14:23:49] joker joker: :)

[14:23:54] Valve Maxcheaters: :/

[14:24:11] joker joker: i tolf you this before

[14:24:18] joker joker: you talked him and he agree

[14:24:23] joker joker: i don't see problem

[14:24:28] Valve Maxcheaters: just call yor friend and tell him to give you the char or the items left  ( in this case baium )

[14:24:36] Valve Maxcheaters: and I txt that guy back

[14:24:41] Valve Maxcheaters: and he will send right away

[14:24:50] joker joker: he is near me

[14:24:55] joker joker: but won't give them

[14:24:56] joker joker: :)

[14:25:07] Valve Maxcheaters: belive me mate

[14:25:17] Valve Maxcheaters: I need that the left item left or the char with buffs

[14:25:24] joker joker: ok the

[14:25:30] joker joker: send 770 :)

[14:25:42] joker joker: after i recive them i pay 100 euro this guy

[14:25:50] joker joker: and send more 130 today or tomorrow

[14:25:51] joker joker: :)

[14:25:54] Valve Maxcheaters: the deal was 900 man

[14:25:58] Valve Maxcheaters: he wants to buy all items

[14:26:09] joker joker: the deal whas w/o baium and  aio before

[14:26:20] Valve Maxcheaters: no, the deal was all items

[14:26:24] Valve Maxcheaters: but I told I make an exception for chars

[14:26:49] joker joker: send 770 euro i pay this guy and  then i give you baium and aio

[14:27:05] joker joker: and send moore  130 more today or tomorrow

[14:27:26] Valve Maxcheaters: he doesn't wants to make more roads at a time, he wants to buy all now

[14:27:30] Valve Maxcheaters: because if u don't sell him baium after

[14:27:33] Valve Maxcheaters: it will cost him more to buy it separately

[14:27:39] Valve Maxcheaters: that's why

[14:27:48] joker joker: i wil

[14:27:51] joker joker: i sell all items

[14:27:55] joker joker: and i don't sell baium

[14:27:56] joker joker: ?

[14:28:01] joker joker: you crazy wtf to do with him

[14:28:03] Valve Maxcheaters: he can't be sure of that

[14:28:06] joker joker: i can't just take it

[14:28:08] joker joker: that problem

[14:28:09] joker joker: w/o pay

[14:28:12] Valve Maxcheaters: I'm not the one that decides, he told me mate

[14:28:25] joker joker: well i whas trusted for  most items and he can't trust for  1 baium

[14:28:31] joker joker: what

[14:28:35] joker joker: the hell

[14:28:57] Valve Maxcheaters: yes mate but I can't risk it

[14:29:01] Valve Maxcheaters: that's the trade system

[14:29:08] joker joker: ok then

[14:29:11] Valve Maxcheaters: ok, switch back in game

[14:29:12] joker joker: give me items back

[14:29:13] joker joker: :)

[14:29:30] Valve Maxcheaters: he did an trip for nothing ?

[14:29:32] Valve Maxcheaters: what the hell man

[14:29:40] Valve Maxcheaters: it's just baium left

[14:29:43] joker joker: i trusted for 90 % of items

[14:29:48] Valve Maxcheaters: let's trade the remaining item, baium

[14:29:49] joker joker: and you kidding me ?

[14:29:51] Valve Maxcheaters: and I txt him

[14:29:56] Valve Maxcheaters: I don't know if it's 90% of items

[14:29:56] joker joker: i canttttttttttttt

[14:29:58] joker joker: take it

[14:29:59] Valve Maxcheaters: I don't know prices/trades

[14:30:00] joker joker: understand

[14:30:01] joker joker: i can't

[14:30:03] joker joker: w/o to pay

[14:30:10] joker joker: as i gave you most items

[14:30:14] joker joker: i would give them too

[14:30:15] joker joker: but i cant

[14:30:41] Valve Maxcheaters: mate I can't do it if I don't have the char with buffs or the items left, baium ring

[14:30:45] Valve Maxcheaters: either you call your friend or we wait

[14:30:51] joker joker: no

[14:30:55] joker joker: you give me items

[14:31:02] joker joker: and we cancel trade

[14:31:07] joker joker: i see  is a joke this

[14:31:08] joker joker: :)

[14:31:14] Valve Maxcheaters: sorry but can't do that, that man didn't did a long trip so you can cancel the trade right now

[14:31:24] Valve Maxcheaters: it's a shame from me to tell him that

[14:31:33] joker joker: long trip ?

[14:31:36] joker joker: in 10 mins

[14:31:36] Valve Maxcheaters: yes

[14:31:38] joker joker: is a long trip

[14:31:52] joker joker: well then pay me money for this things

[14:31:53] joker joker: :)

[14:32:04] Valve Maxcheaters: he walked on this sunny day and it's hot outside

[14:32:15] joker joker: pay me for this things

[14:32:19] Valve Maxcheaters: so can we finish this deal

[14:32:19] Valve Maxcheaters: ?

[14:32:28] joker joker: you see what i write here

[14:32:56] joker joker: ?

[14:33:10] Valve Maxcheaters: yes mate

[14:33:22] joker joker: so pay me for this items or give them back

[14:33:22] Valve Maxcheaters: I told you when I receive either the baium ring either the char with buffs

[14:33:26] joker joker: thts the idea

[14:33:28] Valve Maxcheaters: I will txt him to send the money

[14:34:03] joker joker: well i repeat you again i can't give them becouse my friend won't give them

[14:34:11] joker joker: until he see 100 euro in him hands

[14:34:46] joker joker: so he can pay for that items and after i take moneu i pay my friend and give him or you give  them back

[14:35:38] Valve Maxcheaters: I told you mate

[14:35:47] Valve Maxcheaters: after I receive either baium either char you will get the money

[14:35:54] joker joker: well then

[14:36:07] joker joker: i  will take then back by my self

[14:36:08] joker joker: :)

[14:36:15] Valve Maxcheaters: ok then

[14:36:16] Valve Maxcheaters: good luck

[14:36:47] joker joker: thanks for scaming

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