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Lineage 2 Soul New pvp world - Opened 22 April


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Server website : http://www.l2soul.com/


Server Rates

- Hi5 Chronicle

- Exp: x1000.

- Exp at level +86: x300.

- Exp with the 1st Subclass: x500.

- Exp with the 2nd Subclass: x250.

- Exp with the 3rd Subclass: x100.

- Party Exp: x1.

- Adena Drop: x100.


- Safe Enchant: +7.

- Max Enchant: +30.

- Blessed enchant rate: 100%.

- Normal enchant rate: 70%.

- Elemental Success Rate: 50%.

- Augment Skill Chance: 20%.


Gameplay Improvements


- Our PVP Balance is enough good you can start pvp since first minute you are on server.


- Mana Pots only allowed if you aren't engaged in PvP.


- Vampiric Rage buff only works if you aren't flagged.


- No imba tanks or archer tanks.


- No imba healers or dominators.


- Support and forgotten classes are useful at PvP, no only at Olympiads (Improved SwordMuses and SpectralDancers).


- Balanced Economy (Adena in this server worths).


- Added a special PvP potion with a long coldown that boost your stats for a few seconds.



Main Features


- A totally new and unique event system that allows the players to select the event type, teams and map.

- 4 types of Mini Events to select every hour: TvT, CTF, DM, ZE, KTB (and more coming).

- An unique ranking system that saves and rewards the top 10 players of the mini events each week.

- A custom nobless system where players can become noble by killing some special monsters that appears randomly after killing a monster in the server hunting areas.

- Max level cap set to 90.

- A custom subclass system where players will have different rates of experience depending of what is your active subclass (check server rates to know more). Also after finishing the third subclass, players will unlock his max level up to level 90!.

- A custom certification system where players will get special certification items to unlock new skills (from lvl 86 to 90).

- A custom castle/siege system that allows to the player clan members and allys to unlock some special skills and cloaks from the taken castle. Also the gludio siege has his own siege system, instead of only killing players and taking the castle artifact, players have to get the max amount of points (by killing the bosses, players and castle doors) to take the castle.

- A custom community board system that allows to the players to check all the server news without exiting the game, read the server guides, vote and manage all the event features, check the leaderboards, check his event stats, email friends, and manage his clan inner forum.

- A custom long term event called "DragonBall Event" where players have to get all the dragon balls by killing monsters/players to collect them all and be able to get a exclusive reward by making a wish to Shenron.

- A custom feature called "Survive or Die event" that runs every 30 min and allows to the players to get special skills/status from his clan and from himselfs. This event is a score based system so it works like the other event systems with some exceptions and with a different score system (check the guides fore more info).

- A different way of connect to the game by using a Updater that updates every file needed to connect each time you launch it, a launcher that starts the game after updating it and also a built in client protection called "L2SoulGuard" that prevents the usage of external tools (packet injectors, bots, etc) to be used on this server.

- A anti AFK/Feeder system that will automatically punish all the non wanted players from the events/olympiads.

- A custom GrandBoss system that allows to the players to be able to attack these monsters without having the official requirements/quests.

- A exclusive hunting zone where only the players above level 86 will be able to kill monsters and get experience.

- A custom event that rewards players each 20 minutes depending of the amount of server votes.

- A custom event that will choose and reward each day a random connected player.

- A custom Pvp/PK announcement system.

- A exclusive Scheme Buffer builtin the community board.


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i really liked ur features,so i try to log in on ur server,but in account creation i got a problem,after i reg my account with all details and i got a mail in my inbox with the validation code when i press the link for automated activation it says this:


[ERROR] The introduced validation code is wrong, please to validate your account click on "Send me again my validation code".


also i dont see anywhere "Send me again my validation code" or any box so i can copy/paste the one which  i have on my inbox...any solution?

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