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[Guide] General for L2

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Alright guys,it's the time to create something huge and good in order to help some people :)

This guide will contain general informations about Lineage 2,everything that a newbie will need and so on...



Let's start..

First of all,you must create your account..i guess you can do it by yourself and dont need to add photos.


Then when you log you must create your character,check the photo from down and you will understand.Remember that you can change your Race,photo is just a example.






After it you must select the options of your choise..





Race: Human,Elf,Dark Elf,Orc,Dwarf,Kamael

Class: Fighter or Mage

Gender: Male or Woman

Hairstyle: A,B,C,D,E etc.

Hair Color: A,B,C,D,E etc.

Face: A,B,C etc.


When you're ready with it then you dont have anything else to do from to press 2i9gj7t.jpg !


By the way,for any reason if you dont want finally to create this character then press 2u79f6f.jpg !


Okay the character is ready,press 2v3j31t.jpg






WELCOME to the world of Lineage 2 , my friend !



I enter and now what i do? Okay let's start a bit from the chat !!!





Let's explain them..

All : On this chat you can speak with every single player that is close to you.

+Trade: Here you can speak if you want to make any trade or buy/sell any of your items.At pvp servers many people use it for chatting to.

#Party: Here you can speak only with the players that you're on the same party.

@Clan: This the clan chat,if you're on any clan that's the right place to speak with your mates.

$Alliance: There you have the chance to speak with your clan and alliance on the same time.It's a good way to get organized.

%Hero Chat: As the name says from this chat can speak only the Heroes and anyone else.

!Shout: The most active global chat for players..a good way to sell your things or even to buy something from someone else.On pvp servers everyone use it almost for chatting.

"Pm: This is the private chat between two players.. you can use it by typing this, ex. "PrivaTe . As you see you must type this " and the name of the guy you want to talk.



Note: Try to stay away from any kind of spam and dont even try it.It will force you to mute from GM and on worst situation to Ban! So speak normal *Warning* : )




Also,in the front screen up-left you'll see this 29nb4eo.jpg

The yellow line is your CP

The red line is your Life/HP/Health

The blue line is your Mana

And the grey one is your Experience , when it's going 100% you get lvl. When it goes 80 lvl and 100% you're max or 85 lvl and 100% (perhaps of client you play)




After that,it's your bolt:


From Interlude:                                                                                   



For Gracia-H5:




And check carefully your bolt cause down-right are some options to lock/unlock your bar and so on..you'll find them and understand!


Perhaps of your class you can set your skills as you prefer,it's up to you.





And last are those options:


For Interlude:                                                              For Gracia-H5:

2danhnk.jpg                            3013mon.jpg





Firstly if you press Character Status(from the upper photo) you will see a new small window like this 33ygdpy.jpg


It includes:

Your character Status (press ALT+T to open it)

It shows you the status of your player..like p attack,p defence etc.


Skills & Magic (Press ALT+K to open)

The place with your skills, active and passive!


Action (Press Alt+C to open)

It's a list of commands,some of them are for fun and other to be used in the gameplay


Clan Action (Press Alt+N to open)

You can see your clan status and the members.


Quests (Press Alt+U to open)

From that you see the quests you're doing,you use it as guide to continue the quest.



The second is your Invetory


From Interlude:                                                            From Gracia-H5:

2qiaazb.jpg                2rghp4m.jpg



You can put your armors,weapons,potions and everything else you want.

Also if you check carefully invetory have 2 parts..for items(ItemInterlude/GeneralGracia-H5) and for quest.In Quest you put the items for the current quest you're doing (items going there automatically)


Note: Dont forget that inventory has weight and if you make it heavy you wont move fast(lowers your speed).And from invetory you can destroy items that you dont need,just transfer the to item to bucket.



Next from Invetory is the Map but there is nothing to note.Just press it and you'll understand is very simple.





And the last one is the System Menu:


From Interlude                                                    From Gracia-H5

zog5zb.jpg                    r20xfm.jpg




It includes some things,let's explain them


Community (Press ALT+B to open it) From this you can show the server informations and how many online players are.But most of times it's locked from the server Staff.

Otherwise if you want to see the online players press .online (it's not working in L2OFF)


Macro (Press ALT+R to open) By that you can save some words that you will like to say without typing all the time.Also,you can add on that some skills and just pressing the macro and the skills starts automatically.


Help This is a "window" made from L2 creators to offer you the first helps.


Petition Use it if you can want to contact any Staffer of the server that you play.


Options Tha place to change the voice,screen and some game types..press and you'll understand.


Restart Do it only if you want to log with another character.


Exit Game When you must leave the game simply press this and you'll log out.


From Gracia-H5:

Homepage If you press it, you'll be moved to the official page of L2.


MailBox You san send a mail to every player in the world of l2 ( to all players in server that you play)






Now let's say some things about the XP System


You born 1 level.Killing monsters give drops,adena and of course xp/sp.XP is important to get levels and SP to learn new skills (if you play on Low rate server,otherwise you obtain the skills automatically).With the time you grow levels, your power + abilities get inscreased by new skills and status.Also,if you plan to play official you must know that there is not any tittle up from the mob to says how many lvl it is in order to hit it lax so you must understand them from the color denotes.




66wymw.jpg This mob is 8+ lvl greater than you



34hj28z.jpg This mob is 6-7 lvl greater than you



14y7kmw.jpg This mob is 3-5 lvl greater than you



2ey9h5y.jpg This mob is 2 lvl lesser than you



2s1nmn5.jpg This mob is 3-5 lvl lesser than you



ou62xt.jpg This is 8 lvl lesser than you



Note: Those mobs are just a example.






As maybe you dont know L2 got Grade's.What it means? For example when you're 20 lvl you can't wear a C grade weapon cause you'll have penalty.Penalty it's like a debuff and the most of your stats get descreased.


No grade -  You can equip them at any level

D grade - You can equip them at 20 lvl or higher

C grade - You can equip them at 40 lvl or higher

B grade - You can equip them at 52 lvl or higher

A grade - You can equip them at 61 lvl or higher

S grade - You can equip them at 76 lvl or higher

S-80+ grade - You can equip at 80 lvl or higher







Basic status of all the classes






There is not any special comment for them,they got the most balanced status






Elfs instead of all other classes have big attack speed and casting speed but they have little p attack and m attack.Two more positives are that they have big accurasy and evasion.



Dark Elfs



They have the most power instead of all other classes..much m attack and p attack but low HP.






They have high stats of HP and MP + big psysical power but not big stats at all.





They can craft






You can find it from Gracia ++ (not IL)





Clan and Alliance







Before say everything, you must know that max Level for clan in Interlude is 8 and for Gracia+ (clients) Level 11 !


Every player has the chance to be a Leader and own his clan,inviting new members and have fun all together.A new clan can obtain only 8 players but if you lvl it up it can get over 120+ members.Also by lvl the clan you can get clan hall and clan skills!


If you're a member and want to leave from clan then you have nothing more to do from to press Leave.You can do it whenever you want without ask anyone.But if you do it you must wait one day untill you join to another clan. (In nowadays 90% doesnt exist..maybe on any low/mid rate)

Also,as Leader you can kick any member you want but after you have something like penalty and can't invite till it ends so you must wait.

If you want any time to leave your privileges as Leader then you must go to Priest and press "Delegate the clan leader's authority"


One leader also have the right to dissolve his clan when he wants without ask someone.If you're do it then you must wait one week to be dissolved..it's your risk!Remember,that you can't do it if you got open wars!Ahh and if you play on low/mid rate server if you do it you lose xp and you can't make another clan for 10 days.

The only thing you have to do to dissolve it's to go at Priest and press "Dissolve a clan"


The clan level's are:

For Clan Level 1 You Need : 30,000 SP ,  Adena : 650,000

For Clan Level 2 You Need  :150,000 SP , Adena : 2,500,000 

For Clan Level 3 You Need : 500,000 SP , Item : Blood Mark

For Clan Level 4 You Need : 1,400,000 SP , Item : Alliance of Manifesto

For Clan Level 5 You Need : 3,500,000 SP , Item : Seal of Aspiration

For Clan Level 6 You Need : 10,000 Clan Reputation , Clan Members : More than 30 (members)

For Clan Level 7 You Need : 20,000 Clan Reputation , Clan Members : More than 80 (members)

For Clan Level 8 You Need : 40,000 Clan Reputation , Clan Members : More than 120 (members)



If you want to inscrease  the capacity of your clan then you must create Sub Units Royal Guards and Order of Knight(about this you can when your clan is lvl 7).Every Royal can have his own leader,the same and for Orders.There can be 4 royal leaders and 2 order leaders!

With with units you can create and Academy and make the life of newbies easier.You can make academy if your clan is lvl 5+ ! Those members can stay untill 40 lvl and when they make second quest they get auto dismiss(kick) and the clan get 400 reputation points.This is a good way to lvl up your clan and add clan skills.But you can do it and by killing Raid Bosses with your clan mates!





In order to create a alliance your clan must be lvl 5+.To do it simply go to Priest and press "Create a Alliance"


If one clan is on another alliance it can't create a new one or join to another ally.At the time of siege where you go to attack the castle you can't invite to alliance the defenders of castle(clan) + that clans with war can't make alliance,never!


A alliance can have 3 clans !!!


Leader of alliance has the right to invite any clan his want without ask someone.If he choose to kick any clan then he must wait 24 hours to invite a new one & if he delete the ally can't make new for 10 days.

If any clan leave from the ally can't join to other for 24 hours


Commands of alliance:


/allyinvite - Invite a new clan to ally


/allyleave - Leave the ally you're in


/allyinfo - Showing the total online players of alliance and some informations about the other clans


/allydismiss - Kick any clan from your ally.


/allydessolve - Destroy your ally











A character is able to add more than one subs to his main one by completing 2 quests (Fate's Wisper and Mimirs Elixir). You can't make all the subclasses,for example if you're a Dark Elf you can't make any sub of Elf. Special note that you can't have over 1 subclass at the time and if you want to change to something else you must go to Priest of a big town. Your subclass starts at level 40 and you have to XP it again until level 75 when you can add a new subclass.The max subclasses are 3,so we have the a-beep-t of 4 with your main class.

For example, Main: Ghost Sentinel - Subclasses: Cardinal,Grand Khavatari,Prophet.





Nobless Status





Becoming a nobless character is propably one of the greatest things in the gameplay.When you got it you're considered complete and you're ready to start your experience in the Olympiad.



The profits from being Nobless are:


- Nobless skills ( Blessing of Nobless it's the most important buff,use it to dont lost your buffs if you die)

- The right to join Olympiad Games.

- Extra teleports to place that you can't go with normal Gatekeeper.

- Cheaper Teleports

- The ability to fight when you ride a dragon (Strider)



This is a good guide with full Quest of Nobless and pictures, Click






Olympiad & Hero





The character with the most points in his class become Hero.In order to join you must have Nobless status and 3 quest.You can enter olympiad games at a specific time.They can choose you to fight with someone same class with you or with others classes.When you win you got the 1/3 points of enemy and if you lose means you lossing 1/3 of your points.At the end of the month the char that collected most points in each class wins and become Hero!



The profits from being Hero are:

- The glow,your char shines with a white-yellow glow that everyone can see and understand he is hero.

- Hero weapons with white-yellow glow and the powerful status.

- Hero skills that can be used by Hero, such are:

Heroic Miracle: Instantly and significantly increases P.Def., M.Def., and resistance to buff canceling attacks as well as increases Speed. Consumes 40 Soul Ores.

Heroic Berseker: Temporarily yet significantly increases Accuracy, P. Atk., M. Atk., Atk. Spd., Casting Spd., Speed, resistance to buff canceling attacks and debuff attacks, and the effects of HP regeneration magic. Significantly decreases P. Def., M. Def., and Evasion while the effect lasts. Consumes 40 Soul Ores.

Heroic Vailor: Temporarily yet significantly increases P. Atk., P.Def., and resistance to buff canceling attacks. Consumes 80 Spirit Ores.

Heroic Grandeur: Instantly and significantly decreases nearby enemies' P. Def., M. Def., Evasion, and Shield defense probability, and increases the chance of negating the effects of magical damage, and blocks all physical and magic skill effects. Consumes 80 Spirit Ores.

Heroic Dread: Instantly instills fear into enemies and causes them to flee with increased Speed (momentum). Consumes 80 Spirit Ores.



At the start of new period at Olympiad you have 18 points cause you're nobless and you get 3 points per month if points of a loser transfer at the winner.

At the end of month(Olympiad Period),if a character got more than 50 points he can change them for Nobless Gate Pass

1 point=1000 Nobless gate pass !


Blessed Scroll: Enchant Weapon (Grade S): 420,000 Noblesse Gate Passes

Blessed Scroll: Enchant Weapon (Grade A): 195,000 Noblesse Gate Passes

Blessed Scroll: Enchant Weapon (Grade B): 84,000 Noblesse Gate Passes

Blessed Scroll: Enchant Armor (Grade S): 63,000 Noblesse Gate Passes

Blessed Scroll: Enchant Armor (Grade A): 23,400 Noblesse Gate Passes

Blessed Scroll: Enchant Armor (Grade B): 9,000 Noblesse Gate Passes


Scroll: Enchant Weapon (Grade S): 70,000 Noblesse Gate Passes

Scroll: Enchant Weapon (Grade A): 23,400 Noblesse Gate Passes

Scroll: Enchant Weapon (Grade B): 6,000 Noblesse Gate Passes

Scroll: Enchant Armor (Grade S): 7,000 Noblesse Gate Passes

Scroll: Enchant Armor (Grade A): 3,120 Noblesse Gate Passes

Scroll: Enchant Armor (Grade B): 960 Noblesse Gate Passes


Secret Book of Giants: 5,500 Noblesse Gate Passes

Ancient Book - Divine Inspiration (Original Version): 450,000 Noblesse Gate Passes



And the best,the chance of Hero to talk in a different chat only for them.Press % and write what you want(you will see what you wrote with blue colour)..it's global and everyone can hear you!It can be usefull for trades or getting important informations instatly!







XP Zones


For Interlude:

1-10 Level: Near the newbie Village

10-19 Level: Elven Ruins

20-30 Level: Out Of Ant Nest

30-40 Level: Cemetary/Forbidden gateway

55-68 Level: Valley Of Saints

68-73 Level: Sillent Valey

73-78 Level: Varka Silenos/Ketra

78+ Level: FOG/Four Sepulchers/Monastery of Silence


For Gracia+:

Atleast 78 Level use the areas for Interlude.

78-82 Level: Isle of Prayer

82-85 Level: Giants Cave/FOG/Mithril Mines/Fields of Silence/Fields of Whispers/Beast Farm


Take a look and on this,pretty usefull: Click





General about Buff


Buffs are some skills that you mostly get them from other class (like Prophet) and those skills inscreases your stats.In many servers you will find a NPC named Buffer and this will give you almost everything you want otherwise the most important.


If you're Mage take buffs for casting speed,m.attack,p def/mdef and speed.

If you're Fighter take buffs for attack speed,evasion,p.attack,critical rate,critical dmg,p def/mdef and speed.


Remember,that many servers got buff limits,it means you can't get over 26 buffs if this is the limit of server.And if you take over 26 buffs you'll lose the firstly buffs in the line.So choose carefully the best for you :) But many servers dont have limit and you can't take as many you want.



If you want to see what each buff gives go to www.pmfun.com

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General about Dyes






Increases a-beep-t of physical damage.


Increases attack speed, physical skill speed, accuracy, evasion, critical hit probability, success rate of dagger skills (such as Deadly Blow), shield defense success rate, and movement speed.


Increases maximum HP and CP, HP recovery speed, weight limit, underwater breath gauge, shock resistance, and bleeding resistance.


Increases damage of magic attacks and success rate of curse spells.


Increases chance of magic critical hits, casting speed, resistance to Hold, resistance to curses (such as HP degeneration, decreased HP recovery rate, increased skill re-use time, and decreased effect of heals).


Increases magic defense, maximum MP, MP recovery speed, poison resistance, and curse resistance. Decreases probability of magic interruption.

To change these ability values, a symbol can be created through the Symbol Maker.



Dyes are items that serve as ingredients for carving symbols (also referred to as tattoos). The dyes have + or - values for the basic ability values. There are ordinary dyes and high-quality dyes. Ordinary dyes can be used as ingredients for carving symbols after the first class transfer, but not after completing the second. Greater Dyes can be used only by players who have completed the second class transfer.


Symbol Engraving

Characters of level 20 or above have slots where they can use dyes in the inventory window to engrave symbols. Characters that haven't yet completed their first class transfer cannot use symbols. After completing the first class transfer, they can carve two symbols. After the second class transfer, they can carve one more symbol, for a total of three. Also, the symbols that were affixed before the second class transfer lose their effect when the character completes the second class transfer.

If players have enough quantity of dyes and want to engrave a symbol, they must speak to a Symbol Maker NPC. Symbol Makers charge a fixed fee to carve the symbol for the player. Carving a symbol consumes the dye used as an ingredient.

The a-beep-t that can be increased from symbols for a single basic ability value cannot be more than +5. For example, if two symbols cause STR to increase by +3 and +4 respectively, the total increase of STR cannot exceed +5. There is no limit to the reduction in values, but it is not possible to reduce an ability value all the way to zero.

Some limitations apply to certain symbol types, as shown in the table below.


Symbol Combination can Be Used By


All classes


Human Wizard, Sorcerer, Necromancer, Warlock, Elven Wizard, Spellsinger, Elemental Summoner, Dark Wizard, Spellhowler, Phantom Summoner


Human Wizard, Sorcerer, Necromancer, Warlock, Elven Wizard, Spellsinger, Elemental Summoner, Dark Wizard, Spellhowler, Phantom Summoner, Warrior, Human Knight, Paladin, Rogue, Gladiator, Warlord, Dark Avenger, Treasure Hunter, Hawkeye, Elven Knight, Temple Knight, Swordsinger, Plainswalker, Silver Ranger, Palus Knight, Assassin, Shillien Knight, Bladedancer, Abyss Walker, Phantom Ranger, Orc Raider, Orc Monk, Destroyer, Tyrant, Scavenger, Artisan, Bounty Hunter, Warsmith


Human Wizard, Sorcerer, Necromancer, Warlock, Elven Wizard, Spellsinger, Elemental Summoner, Dark Wizard, Spellhowler, Phantom Summoner, Cleric, Bishop, Prophet, Elven Oracle, Elven Elder, Shillien Oracle, Shillien Elder, Orc Shaman, Overlord, Warcryer


Symbol Removal

To remove a symbol, the player must speak to the Symbol Maker. Removal of a symbol costs a certain fee, and once removed, half of the dye used for carving the respective symbol is returned to the inventory.






Raid Bosses





Raid Bosses are powerfull monsters that give you good items and in order to kill them you'll need many people (especially in RPG/Mid rate servers).


The most good clan's are going to kill RB's cause they need good items for their members so remember to be good organized before go ,else you'll die!


RB's are listed:

- For items (like valakas necklase)

- For Quests (ex. nobless)

- For Reputation points ( need them for clan lvl)


The best raidbosses are Valakas,Antharas,Bauim,Zaken,Ant Queen,Beleth,Freya,Frintezza (hmm let's say and Orfen and Core)








By default, all castles are initially occupied by non-player character (NPC) clans.


When a player character (PC) clan defeats an NPC clan and occupies the castle, that castle becomes the possession of the PC clan. If a clan with ownership of a castle has been dissolved, the castle is returned to its initial state.


A castle does not receive damage from any form of attack until the next siege time. The next castle siege time is either Saturday or Sunday, two weeks after the castle has been occupied. A clan that has successfully occupied a castle may safely possess the castle for up to 15 days.


Sieges take place at the castles of Gludio Castle, Dion Castle, Giran Castle, Oren Castle, Innadril Castle, Goddard Castle, Schuttgart Castle, Rune Castle, and Aden Castle. There are also unique clan halls where ownership is acquired by battle with NPCs.


Only clans of level 4 and above can officially participate in a siege. Clans that are less than level 4 or players not belonging to a clan may still participate as non-related parties, but they do not have the right to own a castle.


Siege Headquarters

The Build Headquarters skill is obtained by the clan leader when the clan reaches level 4. This skill establishes an encampment near the castle/battlefield. It allows clan members to restart at that site (not at the second closest town) and regenerate HP and MP faster than they would normally.


This skill may only be used by clan leaders on the siege's attacker list and consumes 300 Gemstone C when cast. This skill may be used only within a designated area of the battlefield, and can only be used once during the siege period.


A siege encampment disappears when the siege period is over.


The headquarters flag also has a certain HP and can be attacked. If the flag falls, members of the clan restart from the second nearest town upon their deaths.




You do not have to press the Ctrl key to attack an enemy or no relation character. The player killer (PK) counter is not activated when a player kills another player within the battlefield. Thus, during a siege, players do not become chaotic even if they kill another player.


The castle lord can adjust the tax rates for shops within the territory, as well as collect the taxes from the Grand Chamberlain. Because Aden Castle is the central city of the Aden Kingdom, it not only receives taxes within the Aden territory, but it also receives some taxes from Gludio Castle, Oren Castle, Giran Castle, Dion Castle, and Innadril Castle. Rune Castle is the center of the Elmore kingdon, and receives taxes from Schuttgart Castle and Goddard Castle.


And remember that the point of siege it's to engrave the Ruler in order to own it !!!






Enchant Skill Locations




So here guys i'll show you the correct place to enchant your skills,accordingly with your sub.



Town of Aden


Phoenix Knight

NPC:Master Aiken

Location:Warrior Guild


Eva's Templar

NPC:Master Sinden

Location:Warrior Guild


Sword Muse

NPC:Master Sinden

Location:Warrior Guild



NPC:Master Aiken

Location:Warrior Guild



NPC:Master Aiken

Location:Warrior Guild


Hell Knight

NPC:Master Aiken

Location:Warrior Guild



Rune Township


Grand Khavatari

NPC:Prefect Tazki

Location:Warrior Guild



NPC:Prefect Tazki

Location:Warrior Guild



NPC:Seer Mekara

Location:Mystic Guild



NPC:Seer Mekara

Location:Mystic Guild


Fortune Seeker

NPC:Warehouse Freightman Daisy




NPC:Warehouse Freightman Daisy




Town of Oren



NPC:Priest Vadin

Location:The Einhasad Temple



NPC:Priest Vadin

Location:The Einhasad Temple


Eva Saint

NPC:Priest Egnos

Location:The Einhasad Temple



Hunter's Village



NPC:Master Aren Athebalt

Location:Warrior Guild


Wind Rider

NPC:Master Stedmiel

Location:Warrior Guild



NPC:Master Aren Athebalt

Location:Warrior Guild


Moonlight Sentinel

[NPC:Master Stedmiel

Location:Warrior Guild



Hardin's Academy


Ghost Hunter

NPC:Dark Knight Mordred

Location:Hardin's Private Academy


Ghost Sentinel

NPC:Dark Knight Mordred

Location:Hardin's Private Academy


Spectral Dancer

NPC:Dark Knight Mordred

Location:Hardin's Private Academy


Shillien Templar

NPC:Dark Knight Mordred

Location:Hardin's Private Academy


Shillien Saint

NPC:Magister Anastia

Location:Hardin's Private Academy



For Gracia-H5 Clients, you're able to enchant it from your list.







Certifications Skills


Certifications are some skills that you learn them by subclass.But you'll find them after Interlude client !!!


More informations here, Click


Also,Click if you want to find the whole Certification skills quest with a clean way!






It's a feauture after Interlude client to.

You will find everything you want here, Click





Seven Signs


Everything you want here, Click





Spoil & Craft



Some items are difficult to get by normal players and that's why is spoiler.Use your skill Spoil and when the mob is dead pick the spoiled items! In order to pick them you must use a skill  ! And remember that only Fortune Seeker have this chance!



Official L2 servers in order to get good items (A grade armors,weapons etc) need craft.Only Maestro can craft & remember that some armors/weapons have 60% or lower and there is chance to fail!





Get a Clan Hall


Just look my guide here, Click







You have the chance to enchant your armor,jewels,weapons etc.

Remember that if you want to enchant you need to take the correct Grade scrolls same with the item you want enchant.

Retails servers has safe enchant +3 but the most of us playing in private servers so the server will inform you about their own safe and max enchant (be careful to read them before enchant anything).Also,in official servers you can find the scrolls by drops,rb's but in most servers you find them in GM Shop!


Propably you'll also see the Bless Scrolls,so what's the difference between bless and normal scrolls?Simple! When you enchant with bless scroll even if your item fail it wont broke but will go to +0 ! =)



In Lineage2 you can log to your msn account and chat with your friends.


If you wanna try it press CTRL+Y and you'll see this window:






After in the upper part of window you see two options,  Msn Messenger & Chat with Friends.

If you press Chat with Friends you'll see the list of your friend inside the server (gameplay)

It's like that:




Online:Is the list of your online friends in game.

Offline:Is the list of your offline friends where are out of game.


Also,if you want to add someone as your friend type /friendinvite (and his name) , ex. /friendinvite PrivaTe



About Pvp's and Pk's


In order to attack your enemy(player) you must press CTRL and have targeted his name!

When you attack him you'll be flagged with pink colour name,something like this:






In other way,if you attack your enemy and he doesnt give you any hit and you kill him then the result it's to obtain a PK.Remember,that when you got PK if someone kills some items will be dropped extends if you clean it by killing a mob in your lvl's.






And if you want to see the total a-beep-t of your pvp/pk press Alt+T!





If you want to sent a mail press on System Menu and find it in their options and press it.

A window like this will open:



It saws you the reveiced mails from other players and the mails you send + the option of Delete if you want to remove any of them.Also,there is a option to send a new mail..let's press it!



Alright we opened it,it saws us..where we want to sent it,what type of mail want to make it,the tittle of mail,the message we want to sent together with whole mail and the items we'll sent.When you're done press Send!




Get married


Want to be married with your honeeyy? Why not ;D



This is how looks like the NPC in Interlude servers,sorry for this arrow :@





Click on the NPC and a photo like this it's going to open..






If you aint bored you can read what it says but lemme explain you a bit faster..in order to get married you must follow some steps..

1.Add as friend your partner, /friendinvite [name]

2.Then target him(your lover) and press .engage.

3.Go to NPC and press I want to marry!



- .gotolove ,it's like tp and going next to your partner wherever is he/she.

- .divorce ,if you want to end it :(


Ahh and remember to have Formal wear to get married!!!


Congratulations,happy life and many kids xDD



Hope i help some people ;D



Credits to making this guide: Me! (PrivaTe)

Credits also to: Pmfun for pictures and Lineage2.com for some informations :) You'll notice that i sent you there cause those sites are trusted!

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Simple? It's ultimate guide, and will help many players.

If I had the right will give you 1 KARMA.

This guide help you how to start l2 but in this forum i don't think many ppl don't know how to start :)
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Simple? It's ultimate guide, and will help many players.

If I had the right will give you 1 KARMA.

Thanks dude.


This guide help you how to start l2 but in this forum i don't think many ppl don't know how to start :)

Guide contains informations about everything for L2, nevermind thanks.

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    • looks like  it don't enter "if" in function HandleTargetUpdate(optional bool spawnTarget) if (m_TargetID != targetID) { targetEmitter.NDestroy(); m_TargetID = targetID; Me.HideWindow(); } and don't  kill old  targert effect, need some debug how change  target id  when you switch target on your server (on my targetid1->0->targettid2, mb on your missed 0) to  add offlike resize you can parse collisionradius from pts scriptts in ini file for example and set it drom here           yes and add        targetEmitter=None; after       targetEmitter.NDestroy();   it will cure some crits         
    • gameserver\config\head\boss you can check this , or you can make changes at navicat raidboss_spawnlist or you can make your own custom new id for example '1111' name anakim .   25286    25286    Anakim    0    Raid Boss    0    Monster2.anakim    15,5    29    80    female    L2RaidBoss    40    1639146    3793    842,52    9,81    60    57    73    76    70    80    2374400    1196456    10404    4615    15367    1874    278    0    3819    0    0    0    72    324        0    0    12    FULL_PARTY   if you have any problem about l2raidboss you can make it l2npc .    For example //spawn name 1 3600 (seconds)
    • lf bot for elmore x1 .. can pay ........smthing they cannot find pls 
    • Hi to all OWNERS how can i add to raid bosses day respawn? e.g how i can do to anakim or lilith or any raidboss respawn every monday to friday? I use FROZEN pack  Sorry for my bad english  
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