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Υποστήριξη, για θέματα που αφορούν το L2jFrozen!

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Γεια σε όλους!

Αυτό τον καιρό έχω λίγο ελεύθερο χρόνο, και έτσι σκέφτηκα να κάνω αυτό το post για να περάσει η ώρα μου και να βοηθήσω μερικούς.



Ότι πρόβλημα έχετε με το l2jfrozen ή χρειάζεστε για κάτι βοήθεια μην διστάσετε να κάνετε post από κάτω.


Με αγάπη, Crystalia!

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Eg re file m otn se leo g server gt m tn poulas m 20 euro k dn dineis tzampa ena pack opos les??

1on file den tha se dwsei free tin douleia pou exei kanei autos

2on den leei pouthena oti dunei free pack alla oti mporei na help autous pou exoun to L2JFrozen


3on Demy kalo auto pou kaneis elpizw na voitheiseis ta atoma pou arxisan na asxolountai me to l2 developing


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me l2jfrozen pack

Δεν μπορώ άλλο. Επίτηδες τα κάνετε? Δεν μπορώ, με κάνετε να βρίζω.

Ρωτάω τι βοήθεια θέλεις, όχι τι pack έχεις. Και μην μου spammarete το topic.

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    • try sending DeleteObject and then CharInfo to nearby players
    • Also its "gender" and not "genre" idiots.
    • Direction never changed, it always focused about retailness, with uneeded dropped customs and an emphasis about dropping existing content to rebuild it (skills and scripts were deleted in 2011 - you can't say I changed my way of doing things, it was always like that).   Rev 220 isn't really different than L2J IL vanilla (with maybe 100~ fixes and a overhaul step-up using L2J GF, then L2J H5), since most of the changesets were extremely short and mostly based on skills/quests re-addition. The first 220 revisions are maybe the size of 50 current revisions in terms of size, and definitively not the best ones in terms of content (I mean, except the GF/H5 overhaul, it is simply L2J with L2J issues). The first 50 revisions are even shorter and equal maybe 5 current revs.   You basically don't even know what is currently aCis, and I would be perfectly fine with it if you weren't insulting randomly, based on strictly nothing since you got 0 arguable point to do about my/my community work, since you stopped to follow it around 2011 (eg,10y ago for those who are bad in maths).   For one time, the flow of trash which generally comes from your mouth is actually right. 2011-2013 was basically upgrading L2J IL using L2J GF/H5 (trade sanity checks, olympiads rework, C5/IL skills addition, partymatching addition,...).   There is nothing to be ashamed about or to laugh about, I planned it like that.   Unlike you, I didn't sit on other ppl faces to make it.   It's cool if you didn't have to care about all that, since others did the job for you, but I had to do it since I had no pack to copy-paste (unfortunately, Sethek which was under L2JArchid dropped his timeline so I couldn't base my job on other ppl fork).
    • I am looking for someone to create a custom interface, with the use of a platform for payment, to ensure both delivery of the interface as well as the payment.
    • You basically use L2jServer.
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