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[L2J] L2Sensity 500x HighFive PvP Server


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  • XP - 500x (Party-Bonus x2)
  • SP - 500x (Party-Bonus x2)
  • Adena - 250x
  • Fame achieval - 10x
  • Clan Reputation Point achieval - 10x


Special NPCs:


  • Luxury Gatekeeper
  • Deluxe Scheme Buffer
  • Custom Subclass Manager
  • Accessory Trader
  • GM Shop
  • Fame/PC-Bang-Point Shop
  • Clan-Reputation-Points Trader
  • Color Manager
  • Leaderbord Manager (Arena, Fisherman, Craft and TvT)
  • Noblesse Manager
  • PvP-Item Manager
  • Vote Shop


Special Features:


  • Shop currency: Golden Apiga
  • Clanhall weekly fees: Golden Apiga
  • Increased Weight Limit (10x)
  • Increased knight epaulette drop
  • 1 hour buffs/songs/dances (except some self-, kamael- & hero-buffs)
  • Extended buff-slots (30) and retail-like dance-/song-slots (12)
  • Adjusted several skills to maintain the best PvP-Experience
  • Custom Cancellation System (cancelled buffs are restored again outside oly)
  • No clan penalties
  • No weight penalty
  • No grade penalty
  • No death penalty
  • No xp level difference penalty
  • Coloured Clan Leader Name
  • Easy Clan-leveling
  • All-In-One Item (multiple useful functions in just one item)
  • DressMe-System (save your favourite armor set as visual armor set)
  • PC Bang Point Engine (gather points while being online)
  • Max. Element Enchant lvl4 (server-side cap)
  • Max. Skill Enchant +20 (server-side cap)
  • Full Wedding System including Cupid Bow which comes with additional special love skills for couples
  • Community Board with integrated Top10 PvP-List and several colored states
  • HighFive Geodata (no wallshooting etc.)
  • PvP-Anti-Feed-Protection (delay, same ip, clan, party, ally)
  • PvP-Weapons are augmentable and tradeable
  • PvP-Color-System (5 Stages, Bonus-Fame each Stage)
  • PvP-Reward-System (100 Fame each PvP)
  • Kill-Streak-Announcement-System
  • Kill-Streak-Reward-System (10 Stages, Bonus-Fame each Kill-Streak-Stage)
  • Stop-The-Kill-Streak-Announcement-System
  • Stop-The-Kill-Streak-Reward-System (Bonus-Fame each stopped Kill-Streak)
  • Special effects for guys who win a pvp / reach a Kill-Streak-Stage
  • Mana Potion restores 1000 mp in PvE and 500mp in PvP (10 secs reuse delay)
  • Mana Drug restores 100 mp in PvE and 50 mp in PvP per tick for 10 secs
  • Quick-Healing-Potions deactivated in PvP / when having Karma
  • Bsoe-scrolls deactivated in PvP / when having Karma
  • 1 Easy Farm Area [safe]
  • 1 Mid Farm Area [PvP] with several Anti-Pk-Guards who detect even Pks in silent move or in hide mode
  • 1 Hard Farm Area [PvP]
  • 1 RaidBoss Area [PvP]
  • 1 Expert Farm/PvP Training Area (fight against a mob group looking like normal players)
  • Weekly Olympiad Period
  • All enchants lowered to +6 during an olympiad match
  • Hero-Weapons are enchantable, augmentable and attributable
  • Automated TvT-Event every 2 hours (5 different random chosen locations)
  • TvT-Frag-Counter-System
  • TvT-God-Like-Mode
  • TvT-Kill-Streak-Reward-System
  • Automated CtF Event
  • Automated Raid Event
  • Automated Deathmatch Event
  • Automated Quiz Event
  • Hitman Event
  • Squish the Squash Event
  • Special GM events like Hide and Seek, Korean TvT, King of the Hill and and and...

and much more! ;)


Enchant Rates:


  • Safe: +10 | Max: +16
  • Normal Enchant Chance: 75 %
  • Blessed Enchant Chance: 90 %
  • Element Enchant Chance: 80 %


Custom Voice Commands:


  • .buffoff: Enable Buff Refusal Mode | .buffon: Disable Buff Refusal Mode
  • .changepassword: Change your account password ingame
  • .cloakoff: Put your cloak visually off | .cloakon: Put your cloak visually on again
  • .debug: Display your personal skill-/effect-land-rate
  • .dressme: Save your favourite armor set as visual armor set
  • .getpks: Localization of PKs nearby
  • .lson: Enable Leetspeak Mod | .lsoff: Disable Leetspeak Mod again
  • .siegereg: Register for Siege (only 1 participant per IP allowed)
  • .tradeoff: Enable Trade Refusal Mode | .tradeon: Disable Trade Refusal Mode






Join us NOW, you wont regret it! :-)

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fresh start? they told me this server is open like 1-2 weeks


Huh? The server started on march 31st (around 10 pm?).


10++:P and opened yesterday.:P fool's day


Hehe no not on fools day.^^


The player a-beep-t is constantly rising but we are still not on hopzone and topzone.

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download from share-online dont work. from other one i have limit now. its hard upload patch on normal, working server?


http://ul.to/forz9zwg works just fine for me but I will upload it to several other filehosters now as the demand is a bit higher as expected.^^


Try this location: http://www.shragle.com/files/1d139f0f/L2Sensity_Patch_HighFive%2528V273%2529.zip or this http://turbobit.net/nakwt2vcia94.html


One should work. :p

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npc buffer server = fail




crap crap crap


Sorry if the server offers too much for you. We made a lot of polls and discussed a lot the features our server should have and the majority just wants and needs a npc buffer (our is an account-based scheme buffer btw).


But btw what server hasnt got a npc buffer these days?

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