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[Discussion]Common reasons that lead you leaving a server


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donners, (it has to be verry borring playing a half gm during pvp or such)

economy gone crazy wrath (dex servers x9)

needed a fresh start from pvp servers to something more social low rate servers (oportunity to find other people with different lvls then you in pvp - high rate servers you know that everyone is the same lvl and has the same items skill enchants, you preety much know your odds when you see him and what he`s wearing)

and the classic reason the inability of the server to fix certin skills ant there blinded determination to advance to the next chronical hopeing the skill gets magiclly fixed (but it doesnt)

and one more i love playing with Phantom summoner and i havent met a server other then dex to provide all skills and have them fully function, to boath pet and summoner (not even dex has all of them no atribute dmg shareing to the pet, but they say its there *right!*)

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Out of the box l2j high rate PVPs.

With lvling up and farming from 0, all the new confusing noblesse from some weird quest from siege over half of the map.

Unthoughtful, non creative server holders, who simply launch a server thinking it is a childs play and they will have shit loads of ppl on.


L2 is L2, if I wanted to really play it, involving all the challenges and features of a real L2 game, I'd play retail.

When I am looking at privs, I'm not interested in the countless pathetic copies of the original game.

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crap enchantment stuff...i hate to waste my time enchanting foreves, its just stupid..worth more play low rates and waste time lvling and suffering doing quests for a quality end game, than get all easy and get stuck in front of a npc enchanting

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Not competent GM's (you know what im talking about Finito - l2gladius), corruption, overpower class, bugs, lags, too high donation items.

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