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  1. no reason to buy host if server has 20- ppl on
  2. [move]L2(J) Excite[/move] Xp/Sp/Adena : x1000 Safe : 4 Max : 16 Normal Scroll Rate : 66% Blessed Scroll Rate : 80% Elemental stone chance : 70% Elemental crystal chance : 50% Elemental jewl chance : 35% Max Subs : 3 Balanced economy and classes(we work on this everyday and Four Farm Zones Two Pwn Zones (PvP Zones) 20 Buff slots(+4 divine inspiration) and 12 dance/song slots and they last for three hours Balanced donations Website Notes 1.We will no
  3. I was trying to upload a .php file on ucoz but i found out that it needs payment so i need a site like ucoz(easy to use)where i can use .php extensions?
  4. If the chronicle's interlude then,no tattoo,armor/weapon should have same stats with major arcana/dragonic/imperical crusader.If the server's chronicle is Freya Or H5 replace tattoos with shirts and stats same with top freya weapons and armors
  5. If the server is not international,really low enchant rates when the xp is more than x100,no balance,many wannabes(these guys with the stupid glow who think that they own the game)
  6. It was a browser game called tribal wars,after that i've tryed many similar but never played for more than a day.
  7. Παντού και πάντα sk,καλό attack speed,p.atk,critical και μέτριο con
  8. I want to sell my char at l2crimson.com...800-1000 People online daily Items +16 Elegia Fully Elemented +16 Archangel Fully Elemented[Passive Wild Magic] +16 Jewl Set (Elegia Earring,Elegia Earring,Blessed Freya Necklace,Ring Of Baium,Beleth's Ring) Many elemental stones and some crystals Skills +15 Fire Vortex and Slug +30 Promience +30 Blazing Skin +14 Sleep and all the other skills +10 Price : 10 Euro Paypal Paysafe