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interlude [L2J]L2Remain Reborn


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Hi Folks!

Tuesday 08.23 [15H + 2GMT] L2Remain new start!

Server is known as the experienced team, quick help, and bug's fixing.

We added more updates.. See ya in game! :)


Something Interesting about server!


Client: Interlude (C6)

Server Timezone: GMT +2


# Rates

fb6de1fde2f22392d6c8ba6a6986827f813.png XP: x1000

fb6de1fde2f22392d6c8ba6a6986827f813.png SP: x1000

fb6de1fde2f22392d6c8ba6a6986827f813.png Aden: x1000

fb6de1fde2f22392d6c8ba6a6986827f813.png Drop: x1

# Enchant

fb6de1fde2f22392d6c8ba6a6986827f813.png Max: With Blessed Scrolls (+16)

fb6de1fde2f22392d6c8ba6a6986827f813.png Max: With Crystal Scrolls (+21)

fb6de1fde2f22392d6c8ba6a6986827f813.png Safe: (+4)

fb6de1fde2f22392d6c8ba6a6986827f813.png Chance: With Simple Scrolls (81%)

fb6de1fde2f22392d6c8ba6a6986827f813.png Chance: With Blessed Scrolls (87%)

fb6de1fde2f22392d6c8ba6a6986827f813.png Chance: With Crystal Scrolls (100%)

# Olympiad

fb6de1fde2f22392d6c8ba6a6986827f813.png Starts: (17H)

fb6de1fde2f22392d6c8ba6a6986827f813.png Ends: (24H)

fb6de1fde2f22392d6c8ba6a6986827f813.png Period: One Week

fb6de1fde2f22392d6c8ba6a6986827f813.png Heroes changing at: Sunday (00:10)

# Features

fb6de1fde2f22392d6c8ba6a6986827f813.png Main Town: Imperial Tomb Spot

fb6de1fde2f22392d6c8ba6a6986827f813.png Auto TvT Event: Every (2Hours 30Min)

fb6de1fde2f22392d6c8ba6a6986827f813.png B Grade items for free

fb6de1fde2f22392d6c8ba6a6986827f813.png  No weight limit

fb6de1fde2f22392d6c8ba6a6986827f813.png Commands: .away & .back (going to afk mode and back)

fb6de1fde2f22392d6c8ba6a6986827f813.png Commands: .online (Shows how many ppl on)

fb6de1fde2f22392d6c8ba6a6986827f813.png Max SubClass amount: (3)

fb6de1fde2f22392d6c8ba6a6986827f813.png Max buff amount: (35)

fb6de1fde2f22392d6c8ba6a6986827f813.png Nobless quest or Nobless Crown from shop

fb6de1fde2f22392d6c8ba6a6986827f813.png SubClass without quest

fb6de1fde2f22392d6c8ba6a6986827f813.png Clan Rep Quest

fb6de1fde2f22392d6c8ba6a6986827f813.png No custom items (Weapons, Armors, Jewels)

fb6de1fde2f22392d6c8ba6a6986827f813.png Bosses Spawn: (2-5H)

fb6de1fde2f22392d6c8ba6a6986827f813.png Ice Lady Sirra: 15min spawn (Drop: 1-2 Event Medal)

fb6de1fde2f22392d6c8ba6a6986827f813.png PvP/PK on your title ( [PvP] [PK] )

fb6de1fde2f22392d6c8ba6a6986827f813.png PvP Color Sytem

fb6de1fde2f22392d6c8ba6a6986827f813.png No clan penalty

fb6de1fde2f22392d6c8ba6a6986827f813.png Clan members need to Declare a Clan War (5)

fb6de1fde2f22392d6c8ba6a6986827f813.png Vote Reward System

fb6de1fde2f22392d6c8ba6a6986827f813.png Invitation System

More you can see in game


Our Website:

Remain - Private Interlude PvP Server !

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