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[L2J]L2TheGame x100 craft-pvp


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L2TheGame.ru - international craft-pvp server

Opens 25 AUG

About server

» Server rates XP: x100, SP: x100, Adena: x100, Drop Items: x50, Spoil: x40, Quest: x20

» Shop with B-grade armors/weapons

» Nobless RB - 2-4 hours, respawn remaining RB is accelerated in 4 times. Off-like epics

» Simplified nobless a quest

» All professions it is free

» Autoloot, automatic skill learning!

» An offline trade/craft

» Character starts in TOP NG things and with 50k aden

» Services mammon in our shop

» Buffer without resist and summon buffs! 36 slots

» The maximum quantity of sab-classes - 5, sab-classes without a quest.

» Floating chance of enchant from 50 % to 70 %. Max. enchant of the weapon +16, the armor +12

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From the start (August 25)

Every newbie (Character to level 40) will receive a bonus.

The list of bonuses:


1.x2 Adena rate from Monster

2.After entering the game will be given starting Buff + Nobless


There will also be available:

Bonuses are coming clans

Bring a friend and receive a bonus

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