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Augument skills

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well ill start with the buff skills i got on lifeston top grade 76(the gold color 1)


might lv 10

agility lv 10

preyer lv 10

battle roar lv 10 (efect 10)

bless the body lv 10 (gives 300 to maximum hp not efect 10)

bless the soul lv 10 (same as btb)

focus lv 10

wild magic lv 10

empower lv 10 (dosent give more m.atak then normal empower , but great for oli)

magic barrier lv 10

accuracy lv 10

cheer lv 10 (increses max cp by 300)

shild lv 10

mp recovery rate lv 10 (forgot the name)

vampiric rage lv 10

duel might lv 10

re-use time


shadow flare power 110 - dark attak

mass shadow flare power 55

aura flare power 110 - elementally challenged

mass aura flare power 55

prominence power 110 - fire attak by compressing the air around

mass prominence power 55

stone power 110 - earthen attak , its a moob's skill slow cast and reuse

mass stone power 55

sacred attak power 110 - for undead

mass sacred attak power 55

hydro blast power 110 -water attak

mass hydro blast power 55

drain hp power 110

mass drain hp power 55

death spike power 110 (none mass atak)


other :


Heal (instant heals  ,not  like hp pots )

cp (instant cp )


temporaly incrases the size of your head






curse of doom


attak speed curse (win d shackle) <--new






cancel your enemys target







magic crit rate

crit rate





lung capacity (totaly useless , the time to be underwater)

more hp from heals

more mp from recharge

more p.atak by pvp (pvp might)

weight limit x2

resistance to fall (increases the height u can fall from )

decreses the fall damage(reduces the dmg )

bestows vampiric efect (VR)


well thats about all the auguments i had on l2core

more about auguments  here http://lineage2.stratics.com/wiki/Augmentation

if u find more augument activ/passiv post here


btw. the immortality buff is celestial shield it lasts 1 min and it was delated after c6 i think


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well ye forgot about fall dmg , well s*** happens i got it about 3 times :( , and what was the name for bishop lvl 80 buff for imortality?

ce... shield , if u know any more skills from augument post em plz , b/c i want to get and know that i have all active/passives auguments on my weapons

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its an L2j c6 server and the buffs are lv 10 efect 10 , the normal buffs

wild magic lvl 2 - efect 2 max

vampiric rage lv 4 -efect 4 max

also if i use profecy of wind with dance of vampire and vampiric rage lvl 10 (augument) i hange weapon to heavens divider +health +augument bestows vampiric rage efect on passiv i get 10k hp from critical 9,8k dmg so its insane

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Got this active skill once, but it appeared in my passive skill's table^^: Item Skill: Racall lvl 10.

Then later i got one active skill really funny :D Item Skill: Firework lvl 10. Now thats a real joke 4 Auguments... Allso apeared in passive skill's...

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