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GooD vs EviL Now KAMAEL!


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We did infact ban greece.




Main posts that should be read:






Since that topic is locked, please do not bring up us banning greeks.  Usually this post would have been locked since we did (way back when, this forum had mostly people from greece) but since it now seems this has become more of an international forum I wont lock this.

Greece may be unbanned in the future.

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Just to inform some  greek players that You can enter on @GvE even with greek ips some providers (i wont post names for security issues cause sess may ban that range of ips to ) took new range of  ips so if you have a chance and take some of the new ips you can enter on gve!! Providers are forthnet/otenet/altec so if you have one of this you can actually enter on GvE dunno for other providers

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I could careless if they manage to evade the IP ban.

If they can manage to get socks working correctly then they're atleast in the normal range for mental capacity.


As for nazghoul, if i was really intent on keeping greece banned i would just have it resolve the hostname and if it has .gr or any of the ISP's names that are in grece, it would block them.  But I dont.

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