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[Share]All Goddess of Destruction Weapon(Freya Client)

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Oroshimaru... Thanks again for this great share.

I want to asking you about the animated parts of some of AGoD Weapons, I am talking especially for the weapons family with the hole into their body. Is it hard to take a look again so maybe you'll break the mystery and re-share?


(I do not requires, I'd just propose :D )

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Do you share file xml for all weapons GOD?


Maybe you can do xml file. Don't be lazy ;) .

He spend many hours of his time making the lines to weapongrp.

The least we can do is create the xml file :D

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The xml file you did not? Can share for me?

I do not know the weapons to be able to xml file.

Karupis is a dagger? sword? bow?...

Rutna is a dagger? sword? bow?...

Sorry for my English.

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Well everything is nice and ok but where is the dual dagger and the dual sword :| How can i make it since its not in the weapongrp or itemname-2 :| Thx for your share btw!

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