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[Exploit][PHX]How to Dupe Items

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what's about stuck sub l2java?


How for u works l2phx on faction and pvp , for me works only on EoE :D



ON l2java EoE dont works, or i am doing smth wrong- when click OK to send item to other character i am getting Error and game exits... dunno why...( l2phx dont send nothing then)


Now i am going to try test on others servers of l2java.



The main problem of faction server is that there is no freight wh :D



On PvP 5k the same problem like on EoE

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Guest Elfocrash

ty man :)


ty man nice post

1st waring for doubl post.It is not allowed

Does it work on Freya H5?


Hmm... lets see


Hope it works


Edit: It don't.








To all:Don't -beep-ing post comments on something you can't -beep-ing see!!

Glow up kids

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Does it work on Freya H5?



this is not new. i saw many vids on youtube about this, just type: action dupe

who told you that it's new?
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What do you need? : One Server that you can drop items & Phx & 2 Characters in same Account


1)Go to Warehouse (that you can send items to other character)


2)Open phx target yourseld and go to Action


3)Copy the code and then paste it on the other code.


4)Click too times on the item you want to dupe and then go to UseItem


5)Copy the code (it shows like 54 00 FF 01 10 00 00 00 00) you will copy only the red words


6)Paste the code in the base code (that you add on the start) you will change only the 5 first Numbers (expect the first)


7)Now send the ammount you have on the inventrory with the item that you want to dupe to your other character.


8 )Now send the code to server and .... bouala you get xxx items on the ground .




Video Coming Soon


Edit : That's was the Exploit that i sell it to someone

You really would like to said that you give it someone?

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