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Augment weapons with somebody's lifestone.


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It works only on noob-servers interlude JAVA.


Go to the blacksmith. Some traders (life stone traders) sit on private store near the blacksmith.

Open the buy window (trader's buy window), then open the window of augment, then drag'n'drop LS from buy window (somebody's private store) to augment window, adding your own gemstones, try to augment weapon.

Sometimes, need to try 2-3 times.



please test this bug on some servers and post them here with 10 hide =)

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HaHaHaHa I Dont really think that this will work WHO WILL PLAY TO A NOOOOOBSHIT SERVER? ONLY N00BS..

+1... If it`s work on N0000000NISH server nobody will play on this server, that mean that nobody use this bug...
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