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  1. Ctf event should run at bigger place and Domination event should have 3 zone !!!
  2. the reason of lag is Ovh itself not DDos or Stalone
  3. hahahaha epic lol u asking your own servers online player number? l2trueno=l2evadine (aka L2chaoticbr) btw gratz for that forum i see only bots spam there, dont you know how to ban forum account?
  4. Hello L2atenea just leave it bro srsly what is wrong with you :troll: or get fucking forum (i cant even QQ about bugs omg) and gl with that +100 online 4 day from opening still has 177 vote at topzone gg
  5. since its remote protection what will happen to vote reward systems and dual box protection can u give some more information? or should we talk at skype?
  6. if even beta will start after 20 day why this server is not at preview section?
  7. so u admit that 50k online thing is fake? :troll:
  8. he is reselling ovh's Vac dont you know that?
  9. you dont need to buy something there tons simple and cool things out there just take one
  10. try with tunnel his website sooooooooooooooooooo private :troll:
  11. the question is stallone or this one? choose yourself :troll:
  12. he just sharing one of his experince its not allowed here? :forever alone like a boss:
  13. fake online numbers wont cause delay so np u can put 100k online number :troll: