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[CS&CSS][Share] Suicide Script


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Description: When you press f12, you will say "Goodbye cruel world!" and you will drop all your weapons. When you drop your pistol/rifle only the ammo in the first clip is dropped.

Use: Copy and paste the code into your autoexec.cfg

alias w5 "wait; wait; wait; wait; wait"
alias dropstuff "use weapon_glock18; use weapon_usp; use weapon_deagle; use weapon_p228 use weapon_elite; use weapon_fiveseven; drop; w5; use weapon_mp5navy; use weapon_p90; use weapon_tmp; use weapon_mac10; use weapon_ump45; use weapon_ak47; use weapon_sg552; use weapon_m4a1; use weapon_aug; use weapon_m3; use weapon_xm1014; drop; w5; use weapon_c4; drop; w5; use weapon_knife; drop; w5; +cyanide"
alias +cyanide "echo Taken a cyanide pill; wait; wait; wait; wait; use weapon_hegrenade; w5; w5; +attack; w5; w5; w5; w5; w5; w5; w5; w5; w5; w5; -cyanide"
alias -cyanide "wait; wait; wait; wait; wait; wait; wait; say Goodbye Cruel World!!; w5; w5; kill; -attack"

bind "F12" "dropstuff"

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