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  1. I have problem with the auto-enchant on a gracia server.. I've already changed the item's & scroll's name on the script i've also changed the max/safe enchant. I start the script and after the first attempt it stops.. (the enchant chances are 1% but the item never brakes with the scrolls im using to). Anyone who can suggest me a solution? i can share the script here, but ill wait for an answer first..
  2. Selling account on lineage 2 epic (gracia final) Dread Armor +8 level 7 set Dread Bow +8 level 7 Relic Jewels +13-14 Batman Cloack level 3 Enhanced Mithril Bracelet Leather Belt +19 (acu/eva/patk augm) Active Skill: Shield Accessories for Archer & dagger 8k Fame 2.8k PVPs Already in clan with lvl 3 clan skills 92 lvl Sagittarius (Stun +15 Defence / Vicious Stance +13 / Archer Mastery +12 etc.) 92 lvl Adventurer (each skills +8 elemental attack) Carvers +18 Dynasty Daggers +25 Dynasty Heavy set +20 with main Royal Guard +18 lvl 4 250+ Event Token and many more. contact me via msg here.
  3. no, let me take a picture to see what i mean here >> I used updater, did a full check and this appeared, I tried downloading full patch, extracted files with manual way, this appeared. I even tried deleting system, nothing new.. same error over and over.
  4. while i try to connect, an error appears "Files are corrupted etc."
  5. I'm lf a high rate *populated* server which is coming soon... Interlude or High Five Custom or No Custom Hard farm or Easy Farm Anything to spend my time with...
  6. [gr] για τον μόνο λόγο που του πα ότι θα τον κάνω παντού βούκινο, εντομεταξύ προσπαθεί να βγει και από πάνω...[/gr]
  7. [gr] πω είσαι τέρμα βλάκας, σε λυπάμαι.. [/gr] Best statement universe.
  8. 16 ppl online, u should advertise it more before opening it. GL
  9. You have put heavy armor penalty on GK class, what retail and stuff, no GK can wear heavy instead of your friend Vulcano, your answer makes no sense... You have no statements and facts to answer, that's funny...
  10. [gr]Τι donation και πίπες λες πάλι, σε έχουν πάρει χαμπάρι και δεν τα μπαλώνεις. 1 tyrant με heavy armor σε όλο τον server και συ ακόμα μιλάς για donations. [/gr]
  11. Wings are cancer for l2j custom servers imo, gl with your server tho :) no hate.
  12. [gr] /// Μου μιλάς εσύ για google translation; μου πουλάς τρέλα; Μου απαντάς σε petition "I say you quick cause big petitions?" και μου μιλάς για google translation;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Σοβαρέψου, συμμορφώσου και και πρόσεχε τι λες! [/gr] Back to the subject. -First of all, search "feed" meaning on google. -You can't judge a person you don't even know without clean facts and stuff, where you guessed that i played on these servers? where you guessed that i never played big servers and stuff? clean your words and find facts. The reason which i raged about oly it's obvious. If feed is allowed, why you got mad and threat me with ip ban when i said "tha sas kanw voukino se oti forum uparxei" [gr] σου έφυγε η μαγκιά; [/gr] btw i wasn't playing for like 2 years and i started again for your shit cause my cp called me! -Waiting list, waiting list blah blah blah, 10 ppl in oly, pk4no0b always vs his friends feeding him. The fact about waiting list, luck and stuff, goes down. -It's big different beside losing hero on oly vs strong opponents and losing hero with unfair way vs bots and noobs. Every server i joined was because of oly. I was playing l2 only for oly. Nothing more. Why you should give the right to the wrong side? Most of the guys who saw this problem, got pretty mad with your answer about oly feed. I won games with my skills and gameplay vs strong opponents, on a class, which unfortunately is wayyyy wayyy nerfed. Shillien Templar is nerfed! And you called your server BIG. A server which the NPC of oly where you choose your buffs has BERSEKER! A server which you stuck the mob behind rocks and you are killing it without touching you. A server which every hacking programm can be used. A server which mage hit more m. crit than archers. A server which through donation you can be stronger than anyone aka PAY2WIN. A server which is changing custom/gm shops prices every 2-3 days with bad results for the server (more expensive prices than before). A server which one and only ONE tyrant could only wear Heavy, the rest couldnt cause there was a heavy armor penalty as passive skill! and more. [gr] Υ Π Ο Κ Ρ Ι Σ Ι Α --- σε όλο της το μεγαλείο. [/gr] -I got raged and start insulting you and the shit you call "big server", cause you left a problem, of a player who is playing on YOUR server, unsolved. The answer "we have no rule about oly feeding" is completely ridicilous, come to my seat and tell me what would you do. Everyone is free to go make bots for oly and feed pts? Cause noblesse is cheap with the party zone bug farm, 10 mins and you can have 40k farm tokens (25k noblesse). With this way oly mode is losing its sense. No reason to fight for hero when i can get fed. This is your HIGH FIVE OLYMPIAD CUSTOM FEATURES? Dahh.... You are destroying the mode and you don't give a damn fck! Corruption came through many discussions on clan chat, i joined 2 clans, some of them they know you real life, and somehow they were overpowered (2 passives etc.). Also like i said before a tyrant could were imperial. Noone can wear heave armor on gk class cause of its passive for heavy armors. You perma-banned a guy for real money transfer. You even announcented it. After 20 minutes he was playing oly like nothing happened. :D What happened on this case? corruption [gr] λοβοτομημένε μανδρίλε. [/gr] Ps. [gr]πολύ κακό να κρύβεσαι πίσω από τις λέξεις σαν γυναικούλα και να προσπαθείς να καλύψεις τις μαλακίες σου. Φέρσου σαν άντρας, τσάμπα οι μπάλες που σου 'δωσε ο Θεός, η Μητέρα φύση.... ΥΓ2 Είσαι χέστης. ΥΓ3 Αν έχω κάπου ορθογραφικό ή συντακτικό λάθος είναι επειδή με έχεις φέρει στο αμήν με τις μαλακίες που γράφεις, κύριε wannabe america, μέχρι και εδώ ντρέπεσαι να πεις ότι είσαι αλβανός; Ντροπή σου. [/gr] Peace, sorry for all this thing, im tilted and can't leave this argued be won by a guy who would have stolen his mother for a 20 E paysafe.
  13. L2Eola Stuff Team: Spoiler 1 Spoiler 2 Spoiler 3 Spoiler 4 They perma banned a guy named Brrrr for real money transfer ing and after 20 minutes he was back in game playing oly xD Was discussing about feeding on the normal chat with a friend and later he was giving critical to him while he was fighting on oly (4 crits in row, and no it wasn't the client i got crits too the same time). 10 mins later he found where the ip ban is located and he banned me :D -Heard so many rumours about calling your eola corrupted and never believed them. Now i regret the time i didn't quit from the server, when i read the rumours. Quitting with my foes (cp) from this corrupted server. peace- Oh... one more thing, Frankie Decard aka Artus aka Koza, learn how to manage your community, corrupt if you want, but don't make it obvious.
  14. + remove ketra from exp zones, cause there are no monsters there..
  15. Remove -Berseker- from O L Y ! ***EDIT*** x1 BEWS/A/B cost 500 Farm token / 10 Vote Coin. x1 BEAS/B/A cost 500 Farm token / 10 Vote Coin. Reduce BEAS/BEAA/BEAB cost or boost the quantity like x2/x3. BEWS/A/B can't be same price or quantity with the BEAS/A/B.