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  1. Tha ithela na kano mia erotisi aksizi afto to pc gia ta lefta pou lei ?? link : http://www.insomnia.gr/classifieds/hardware/fullpc/435347-intel-i7-4-pirines-terasss/
  2. <item id='23569' name="Dynasty Leather Armor"> why use '' and not "" try with that <item id="23569" name="Dynasty Leather Armor">
  3. Hi to all i make this post to recruiting members for my clan! Answer In This Question's 1.What is your real name ? 2.Where you from ? 3.How old are you ? 4.What is your main class? 5.Can you use RC? [Raid Call] 6.How many time you play per day? 7.You are player with teamwork ? 8.How long time are you playing L2? 9.You angry easily? Post on this topic or pm me on game [MrFunny] http://l2-gold.com
  4. You can search and change BlowFish change protocol and i think run good on c4 not tested
  5. OMG where you find l32 file's please share it (change title WTF)
  6. omg why ??? voiced command's have the frozen
  7. Maybe its more balanced than mage/fighter tattoo for example gives atk/cast speed.
  8. man this img its from me and its from aCis rev 325 its from post on acis.i-live.eu Edit : this bug is only if player is in arena if arena's no have players its ok