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  1. Hi I am looking for profeesional developer who can make full server configuration (AdvExt extenders H5 )with a good concpet and balance like Gmshop Donate Coin shop services edit rates ...etc also professional in client side like make custom coins change loading screen and splashs with the designs that i will provide to them ...etc its will be good if he have some knowladge in websites and php edits ... the price will not be fixed .. i hope someone suggest good one for me :) only trust developers
  2. very skilled and trusted person he finish my requests like except and in short time
  3. hi i need expert developer php (yii framwork) to add payment methods like (paypal, cashU , oneCard , etc) to ghtweb5 script https://github.com/ghtweb/ghtweb5 and marge the forum accounts (vb 4.2) with script account (game account also) Pm me plz for more details (scammers will ban)
  4. need some one who can make unichat for Ertheia client ? PM ME
  5. what happen to Ertheia Branch ??!! its not show in l2j !!!
  6. hi i need a unichat for lindvior or clean patch lindvior with unichat ...
  7. i show the changes .. but i need to know from people who used the this project can i open it for live server ?
  8. i want to ask if this project stable and good for live server ? can some one give me in (%) what is complete in this project like...quests .. events .. custom..skills .items ..drops .mobs ..everything > and what not ... i use lindvior from l2-scripts.ru its good pack but the problem that there (no sources) so i cant add or edit anything ... so can anyone tell me if i should move to mobius (ertheia) project .. or not ? and what the different between ertheia and lindvior ...? and if anyone can give me the link of client game for (ertheia ) & clean system :) sorry for many question
  9. i already do that i think i found the solution .. i will stop register in forum .. and make it just from one page that register the user in the two table (game and forum) and when he make change like password he do it in the two column (password ) in the two table ..with every encrypt of course ... what you think will face me from problems ?