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  1. Using [PROJECT] L2j-ENDURE in this case, not how to help me? Sorry for the weak english!
  2. Hello!! Really a nice share, nut i have a problem in CustomPvpSystem.java and CustomPvpSystemDeathMgr.java: if(activeChar.isInsideZone(CustomPvpSystemConfig.CUSTOM_PVP_RESTRICTED_ZONES_IDS.get(i).byteValue())){ if(activeChar.isInsideZone(CustomPvpSystemConfig.CUSTOM_PVP_RESTRICTED_ZONES_IDS.get(i).byteValue())){ [javac] ^ [javac] method L2Character.isInsideZone(ZoneId) is not applicable [javac] (actual argument byte cannot be converted to ZoneId by method invocation conversion) if(activeChar.isInsideZone(CustomPvpSystemConfig.CUST