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  1. good job! im all for archiving l2off stuff cuz it can get lost like it happened over the years.
  2. its ok i know what your saying. Yea i have no doubt they make shitload of money but, The bigger the server the more people (staff) involved, The bigger the server (more money for data center), i dont know how much it costs to live in Russia im from Romania but i dont think that my L2 uber server with 10kk players will pay for my toilet paper or get my kids trough college. this is not intended to piss anybody off but i just cant believe that you can have a business in the l2 private server scene and have only THAT business and be great. if i
  3. I presume you have the database setup and everything working except the hauthd proxy. in database lin2db in server table, add for example 3 server for testing purposes. (change IPs to mach yours) server1: id = 1, name = proxy1, ip = x.x.x.x, inner_ip =, ageLimit = 0, pk_flag = 1, kind = 0, port = 7777, region = 1 server2: id = 2, name = proxy2, ip = y.y.y.y, inner_ip -, ageLimit = 0, pk_flag = 1, kind = 0, port = 7777, region = 1 server3: id = 3, name = proxy3, ip = z.z.z.z, inner_ip -, ageLimit = 0, pk_flag = 1, kind = 0, port =
  4. L2 was always a hobby, i learned many things because people shared knowledge. For money i have a job. I have yet to see someone living of only L2 servers no matter how great the server is.
  5. its the same one i got, the original filename was 123.7z shared on postpacific, dont remember if it was before or after they got hacked. it was the base i worked on, but it needed a lot of work and research to rebuild the forum. Also it was for vbulletin 3.x had to update it to 4.x Hope ill have time to sort all this l2off stuff i got and share it. been collecting since 2005 :D
  6. spread it like butter. Now i feel bad i dint share it years ago.
  7. I had this for a couple of years now, worked on it, trying to put the info back piece by piece. Thought other would find it useful, so I share it with you. Its full of great info about L2Off, was the greatest community back then. Miss those times :) Even today when I play around with off server packs I find myself searching on that archive for info, and in most cases i find it. Attachments dont work, I still have them but they are scattered all around on my drives. Maybe in time I will mange to put them back. So without further ado: Registration is disa
  8. anyone got a working system with this extender, the ones i tried dont work. protocol 152
  9. i still have a c3 client. how do you want me to share it.
  10. Hi everyone i'm a returning maniac of l2 after some years of timeout. used to mod l2 stuff. im a developer by trade and an old fan of l2 by choice :)
  11. Well im new to this board and hoping to find a decent community of cheaters seems im in the right place.