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  1. Selling on Ramona server High five 50x Moonlight sentinel 85, skills +15, vesper noble 60 element, vesper bow focus +8 300 earth, all subskill made. 90 donator coins on the account (worth 9 euro) Soultaker for farming 85, some skills enchanted, vesper robe, vesper caster 150 dark Soultaker for farming 85, some skills enchanted - no equip Spoiler for farming 85 + Subclass titan 85 - no equip Cardinal 85 for farming, some skills enchanted, vesper robe Cardinal 85 for farming - no equip 6 Trickster 85 for daily quest farming - no equip Mystic Muse fo
  2. I really dont like the font of this interface anyway i can go back to the old one?
  3. I've played on the server for 6--7 hours and i have to say the idea and all its well thought, its that kind of server were i would really like to spend some time but.........the server is dead, there are maybe 5 actual players and 100 at least boxes around the cities put there by the staff, which is bad, really bad, it took me 2 gk to giran to realise that those were not actual players, so i want to ask what benefit do you think this would bring to your server? Im okay with the dwarf shops in privite item creation since if you wouldnt place it there, those 5 players would not even be albe to c
  4. Hahaha what a lol server, as you spawn there are about 200 bots in town, as anyone would actually belive that those were real players, first time im seeing this lol
  5. 10x with basic pp buffs, drop/spoil between 5 and 6x, max dualbox and thats it. Simple and enjoyable
  6. Hello cheaters, i hope im posting in the right place, im here to see if anyone out there is able to solve this problem that i'm having with the bot. Basically when the char is surronded by many mobs it would switch straigh away to other mobs forgetting to sweep or harvest the seeds sown. Any idea why? I did try setting sweep or harvest at maximum priority and even adding twice, i think is something related to target search tho i can figure what.
  7. "New" costumes that you might see just about anywhere today, however it might be worth a try since the old projects. Good luck and i hope someday one of you owners/gms/fixers/developer/whatever u do will come to sense and stop launching the same sorts of server over and over
  8. Yeah expecting 3000 on like its 2012 and there are no others pvp rate server out there
  9. Rage is the only thing that comes up in my mind when I see the website half broken english and half russian
  10. joined the server out of curiosity, one cigarette later quitted. Fake online count, poor community, no development what so ever, looks like someone installed the l2j pack and launched the server, well done.
  11. Unfortunately that's how most of the players of l2 nowadays likes to play, consider that there are new server coming up every day almost, if they dont like something in yours they will go somewhere else where their premium buffs and all are on. If I was in ur position i'll be wiling to respect players needs in order to have a successful server, by not doing that and sticking with your own ideas of server It doesnt seem like you are having much of a good response. I rather have a server full of players happy of playing and spending time, than a server which I like but no one plays, at the end o
  12. Opening a server where the main language is not english can only go bad. In fact the server is dead
  13. What type of server u guys are willing to open?