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  1. I have just tested this server the last 4 days and here is my feedback. Basic information: • Server runs smooth (i'm from north Europe) • Around 100+ people online at normal times • People are active and friendly, good community • There are people in start town Talking Island and new players joinning • Got 5 friends while playing at Talking Island all new players in my 4 days • I play only 2 hours a day and i'm level 20 with top no grade just by farming and quest • There is newbie helper to get basic buff and you can exchange gear to upgrade it • Now my trip goes to Guldin/Gludio/Dion in the next periode and I will make a update again Pick this server if you love the old style Why did i choose this server compared to the "Classic ones" ? Well I wanted to play Classic (Old School Lineage2), and I tried a few servers, but the "Classic" servers are nothing like old school Lineage2 I played, they are just as screwed up as all the new versions, I don't know why people call it Classic, maybe the first version of Classic was old school for what I can see in videos, but what I tried 1 month ago is nothing like the old Lineage2 I played.
  2. Gonna join the server this week and have a look :) Hopefully some of my friends will follow. I guess the server dosn't need a wipe since you can join it and catch up.
  3. Was there any advertise before launch about this seems sad no prework seems to have been done to get higher online I see only around 50+ players?
  4. Come and watch live right now - PUBG
  5. Watch my cus play PUBG on Twich: :troll:
  6. Woot only a few hours till launch!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait lets do this!!
  7. Joinning - Lets have some fun!
  8. When can we create account :)?
  9. Any english clans joinning the c4 x5 :)?
  10. Join us and have a great time :) 1. Small buffs in all church 2. Raids working (dropping mats) 3. Siege working 4. Active clans here (Russian, english, vietnam, polish clans) 5. Skills till level 58 6. Good balance on all classes 7. Active staff And so much more, relive the old days, this is the best way to play l2 with friends :)
  11. Siege this weekend, its gonna be epic!
  12. At low time around 100+ at highest around 200+
  13. Looking for a good place to use your time for something stable? this is the place
  14. Hello everyone, Yesterday Dark Empire was on castle siege. We did not win the castle, but maybe next time?