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  1. and when the "grand opening" will be ?
  2. any classic good server where i can play?
  3. how many players online? i mean real players
  4. as title say i am looking for a good low/mid rate server interlude or h5 if he exist..
  5. yeah i'm looking for a good h5 pvp server with good population and not big donations
  6. wtf is this server? chance enchant at 16 is 1% lol.. good luck with this
  7. dafuq :)) l2 tower work? good i wont join this server anymore :)
  8. x( this server is awesome :O :O i farm 4 hours to make my weapon +16 and still +7 fck this chance 10%
  9. damn this server u need to farm 3 months to make full item and im not sure after 3 month u have all what u need :O
  10. join a lot of fun and pvp u will not regret :D
  11. lol? is 100 slot buffs man and is custom server u dont need to refine A/S is high rate server..
  12. we add rb zone and in few days we change site and add new armor and weapons!