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  1. Healer class: Eva saint Race: Human lvl 95 Equip: event immortal & Seraph robe set / requiem cutter+health Subclass: Elemental summoner Lv 68 Tank class: Hell knight Race: Elf lvl 96 Equip: event immortal heavy / requiem cutter+health 150 element Aguments: active reflect, active refresher, active lesser celestial Tyrr Warrior class: Titan Race: Kameal lvl 95 Equip: event immortal heavy / requiem dual sword+health 150 element Iss Enchanter class: Hierophant Race: Human lvl 95 Equip: event immortal heavy / requiem dual sword+health 150 element Subclas
  2. 5 bil adena OR 150 euro's basic equipment immortal event items/wepon, it has a few vitality items stored in WH no scam! even tho i have low post count. i sell couple of chars on diffrent forums add me on skype: Creselia11 if u want more info feel free to ask in skype/mail
  3. i know it not exacly what u looking for but if u dont find any and u may get intrested i have othell rogue 95/subbclas 76 shilen saint nobblese 55K mentee coins and really cheap :)
  4. max i can give u is my othell rogue 95 (spoiler/dwarf) 40K mentee coins in his pocket i know it doesnt fit ur requirments but if intrested let me know x)
  5. Hello neither do i have + reputation but however i could give everything to a friend of mine and u wil probaly trust him ^^ iss enchanter 95 lvl 42% cool looking orc fighter i used destiny stone on him did subbclass quest it has a subbclass lvl 51 treasure hunter NAIA server normal name Items: has birthday potions - 17 vitality mataining potions - 6 (3x 30 min) (3x 1 hour) viltality brithday cakes - 6 PC vitality (1 hour) - 13 vitality recovery potion - 2 XP rune's - 50% 5 hours & 100% 3 hours Mentee coins - 16,562 Energy of destruction - 170
  6. Hello, i have a Othell rogue dwarf lvl (almost almost 95) basic immortal equipment ;p
  7. there are too much kids servers!! 100x, 1000x, 5000x, 10000x WTF! Lineage 2 is about making friends and having the balls to levelup and lose your exp in a pvp... i dont agree with the same things day after day.. there is always something todo in the game, pvp, shop, farm or maybe just chat with friend in the game...
  8. This project was 1 of the fail projects =.=' back in C4 i begon creating the server but never finished ^^ but now i'm back and i need and will finish this project! :D
  9. yeap i know what you mean... the point is that the L2 Server will be done in about 1 or 2 months then its only small fixes and addon to be done. L2J helps me a lot with the packets and stuff so i dont have to find these, which also saves alot of time! And this project started just about 2 weeks ago and see what it already is! Still TODO: Skill Engine AI Quest Engine +L2Features (7s etc) Lineage 2 Math +Protection I put alot of time and effort in this project, i'm programming this all on my own! I work on work days ~4-5 Hours and in weekend ~12 Hours.. thats a total
  10. Its a new Lineage 2 server emulator, its not L2J and its not L2Off, its a server created in the language VB.net Its maybe late for this but i just coulnt resist to make this! Why VB.net? Its maybe not the fastest language in the world but it is a easy language. So more people can learn it wich causes to be more Core Devs and better servers. What client is it for? As long as it can not be used as a live server its for the newest client (Epilogue) after that a backward compability will be added to support all the clients. After this a Aion Emu in vb.net will come too...
  11. A test server is running! If you have spare time please take a look and post your comments ^^ Forum post: http://l2dotnet.newhack.net/index.php?topic=10.0
  12. First test release! This release is not disigned for live server ::) Just for first impressions! Working: Chat Walking Inventory + Some items Multiple players There is no tutorial needed for this server, it will run straight away! Download: 2Shared Download: Mega File Upload Download: MediaFire
  13. Website has been made, http://l2dotnet.newhack.net/
  14. Hi, A New Server Emu has born... L2DotNet! This server is almost 100% made in VB.net. Why VB.net? Well because i program a lot in VB.net and Coulnt resist to make a server emu for lineage 2 its also a easy to learn programming language to more people are able to learn the language. Working: Walking Knownlist NPC Spawns Items ScriptEngine Take a look and help with this project ::) Assembla L2DotNet.
  15. DP will be different from rest of all the L2Servers, Unlike L2J that uses XML's for Skills/Items etc, this will have VB.net script to manage the skills/items etc. Server is made for Gracia Part 2. Oke, sorry i said PS3 was made in java its maybe a bit wrong :P, i have read it wrong :P, PS3 Supports Java.... Well, VB.net is the easiest programming Language that can be learned, if you know english you can write VB.net. After 4 Years of programming L2J only added a lot of stuff but havent changed anything.... PS: This Project of L2Server is not really to beat L2J to