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  1. Yul Archer 96 Dark elf Set: Leather R95 Jewell R95 No weapon Offer me Euro/Adena
  2. Yul Archer 96 (Dark Elf Not awakened Lidvior] Set Leather R95 +4Helmet,gloves,boots,leggigs, Brestplate +0 set Jewell R95+3 138 Energy destruction No weapon Wynn Summoner 98 (Elf Not awakened Lidvior) Set Heavy R95 +4 120 element Set Robe R95 set Jewell R95 +5/4 No weapon Nobles [2sub 80 1sub 66] Iss Enchanter 90 [Orc Not awakened Lidvior] Set R Low Set R Low Dual R low +4 200 Energy destruction For Adena 2kkk Pm me