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  1. Awesome guy, the powerleveling run smoothly up until the end. I'd trust him without worry but for the insecure...i can come with proof.
  2. PG - Alright :] You scared me there for a bit. Apologize if i been to rude :[ Obesession - Good to hear. I'm looking for a decent high rate server with easy farming(if my opinion matters). Squeezing in some fun while taking a break from official . Will be waiting for the ob :)
  3. ProfessionalGeodata - I really hope the reason you write like that is your keyboard. I'm about to commit Seppuku because of your posts . No insults intended, i apologize if it happen. Now back on topic: Obesession, how much will it take to get full geared , ready for battle? An estimate would be awesome. :] I'll probably give it a try if time is on my side.
  4. Thanks Matthew , its a long story. :)
  5. Hey, I'm curious, I recently bought the vip upgrade for my account and since its not a instant promotion (as i first thought) i'd like to know, usually how much does it take to get promoted? Also , does my acc e-mail needs to be the same i used on my paypal account? Not rushing this, especially if Maxtor has to do this manually but i'm not sure i did it properly or not.
  6. Hello MxC, I'm interested in power-leveling services since buying Othell Rogues this days is so hard. (well, not that i tried to hard :P) If you can do it, please PM me or post here the following: - How much you're asking for (I'm only paying over paypal.) - How far you can go (The more , the better.) - What server - How fast you can do it. Thanks.
  7. Bump, i know the 24h didn't pass so i apologize. Only did it for the updated post . :]
  8. I'm interested in buying an Othell rogue (Dark Elf) on any NA servers. Looking for something around lvl 95-99, full geared but i'll be looking in to anything lower too. I'm mostly interested in the level and race, i'm ready to pay a good price for anything nice.. ----- Interested in a Iss Enchanter too. Nothing special, just a buffer. PM me with info / price I'll use a middle man from mxc (If i can find one.) since i don't strike like a trusty person.
  9. I got to say, if you're looking for something like gta is not what you are looking for. No idea why so many compare it. It has cars and a open world...but the game is not GTA or even trying to be. The game is more like Total Overdose . Something not as realistic as gta and more like a joke. Well, if you think flying motorcycles, car eating and throwing pedestrians from a cannon, mutated humans, zombies and shotguns using fishes as ammunition is something realistic...then i cant argue with you. Also, i have to say the story and dialog is one of the worst things i ever seen in a game,
  10. Never played rakion but from my knowledge that is more like gunz and a bit more pve-ish right? Cant really compare it. :P This is just a lobby based pvp game (zombie mode is the only pve ig) like most fps out there. ;P Ever played TF2? Its something similar just not that team based as team fortress 2 and way smaller maps. Cant explain better then this but i promise, the installation and download is really fast. So give it a try, nothing to loose. I only get referral points when you reach level 5 so i'm not trying to make you join just for that ^^ EDIT Someone asked me via pm an
  11. Website| My Referral| mmohut Anyone else gave this game a try? I must say, i usually get easily impressed at the beginning of every open beta, all the freebies, players swarming the servers etc. I always think "heck! this game has potential." and it usually ends up dead but this game takes like 3-5min to download and install(no joke!) so why not give it a try? I guarantee you will have fun. They kinda need players and i need referrals xD. I said it and i'll say it again, its worth the 5min. It has the art of team fortress 2 and S4League gameplay(kinda). You get to c
  12. Yes you can get vorpal and top/low s84 weapons from Valakas and Antharas. Scarlet also drops vorpal but only Vesper weapons . That if things didn't change -.- They change so much lately, i don't even know where to buy my soulshots xD With god update you can probably forget this drop list also...