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  1. Info updated after more than one year. Hi MxC ;)
  2. trusted. i went first and guy is really fast. I recommend ^_^
  3. trusted, everything fast and safe
  4. trusted seller and middleman services, everything fine
  5. really trustable person, i bought just now some things and everything went fine and fast. good people. hope all best for you thanks :D
  6. sorry, i just replied all the pm i got, i was in travel, now im back
  7. UPDATED! still looking for those items ty, you were friendly and trustable
  8. fast and trusted seller, i bought him ítems for 600 euro
  9. trusted selled i just bought 2b from him very fast. ty mate
  10. seriuos seller really fast, i bought 4b from him i recommend 100% and good price
  11. I bought them all. Friendly and fast services, i recomend 100% this guy for trades. O0