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  1. Kamael Tyrr Doombringer 99 : -Dualclass yul 99(no AP) -7AP -Ogre and Second wind +3 rest of skills +5/7 -Hellfire Talisman -Auguments : passive and active reflect , celestial , skill clarity, refresh, pvp p atk(active), undying will -Dyes: STR +5 and Str+5 +25 fire element 340k fame Elf Wynn Arcana Lord 99 : -Dualclass Aeore Healer 99(no AP) -7AP -Hellfire Talisman -Auguments: passive/active reflect , celestial , wild magic, Pvp p atk active -Most important skills +7 the rest +3/5 -Dyes: +5wit-1Men +20 wind resist / Wit +5 wind resist +25 -729k tokens 740k fame H
  2. good buyer dont be afraid to put adena first recommended