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  1. Hello guys, im looking for the best Classic Kamael Files ready to a live server. Skype: andre_ear
  2. Kara Vote SQL - Fixed last_vote_kara.sql Someone know how to fix queen ant heal?
  3. Hello guys, i want know what is the best classic(1.0/1.5/2.9 etc) files today. Thank you!
  4. Hello guys. Need to redirect an IP and port to another. I have a client program that needs to connect to the server. However this client is outdated and the ip and the wrong port. I need a program in windows I can redirect the IP and the client port to the new port and the current server ip. Can someone help me? Old Client IP/Port: fox.devzs.com:9990. Need redirect to: fox.*****.com:10011 Thanks in advance! O. S: Windows 7 64x
  5. Hello guys I have 2 accounts: Elderscrollsonline.com (Imperial Edition) To trade for items on Lineage 2 Magmeld official server. Pm me for more info or mail me: testezao123@gmail.com
  6. Hello guys LF Lineage 2 Official Packets of Valiance version. I need with packet description, where they come and the position of the packets. I need know what are inside this packets. Can someone help me with this? Thank you!
  7. Someone know where i find a good NEW GoD server to play here.
  8. WTS/WTT - Iss Enchanter - Good Nickname - Orc Female - Noblesse - All important quests - Complete Subclass Quest. Itens: - Bound Jewels TW +3 - Bound Tw Heavy Helmet +3 66att 66att 66att - Bound Tw Breatsplate 120att 102att 120att - Bound Tw Gaiters 120att 120att 120att - Bound Tw Gaunt 120att 120att 120att - Bound Tw boots 120att 66att 120att - Bound Apo Dualsword +4 Haste 300ATT Buffs: - All Harmony +3 - DM +4 - BR +3 - Prevailing Sonata +5 - Daring Sonata +5 - Refreshing Sonata +5 I'm the owner, i hav