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  1. Can someone share an guide explaining how install/configure this share? should help a lot of ppl =D
  2. L2Open or "Wannabe-L2jLive"? No comments about this... http://my-trac.assembla.com/l2open-free/changeset/1150
  3. Set Max online to 500, Your problem will be solved =D
  4. L2jLive: Comment: All I'm gonna say is that this is the G Epilogue version of L2JTeon. I hope you get me! L2jTeon? Are you kidding whit me? My project does not use L2jTeon Sources/Devs... Please, change your comment...
  5. Just a little correction, "Sao Paulo" is -3 (Official Brazilian time). P.S: Nice work.
  6. Is possible make a patch to L2jServer, Epilogue? Thanks...
  7. No problem ^^, I am starting at Java, because this i am doing some small works... P.S: Sorry for Bad English.