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  1. hello~ i'm a korean I'm not speak English but ... easy english you will be understand my english, you can !!! please~ This file link address korea ip is not connect 4shared site... please re-upload another link address? ▼ EDIT: Actually found a newer version that supports Dimensional Strangers at Download: http://www.4shared.c...r_20140524.html i'm this site post read it => ========Following DDFs are fixed by me========= Ability.dat AbilityPoint.dat AdditionalItemgrp.dat Armorgrp.dat colorexgrp.dat EtcItemgrp.dat EventContentsGoalName-k.dat faceexgrp.dat hairexgrp.dat ItemName-k.dat Logongrp.dat Npcgrp.dat PawnAnimData.dat QuestName-k.dat (Thanks to L2JTW otfnir for ENBBY option arrangement) Recipe-c.dat Skillgrp.dat SkillSoundgrp.dat WeaponEnchantEffectData.dat Weapongrp.dat i.m looking for ItemName-k.dat file can possible Edit
  2. I've tried to apply Freya version code to my latest H5 stable server many times in many other ways. but I failed. I hope that I adopt MultiFunctionZone to my H5 stable server. I desperately need this nice zone. Could you modify H5-beta code to new H5-stable code? That will be very nice to H5 stable users. I really hope so.
  3. MultiFunctionZone is breathtaking! I really wanna apply it to my server! But My server is l2j H5 stable, but not H5-beta. This makes me disappointed. I really really want it for my server. Could you ^Wyatt modify this nice code for H5-stable, please?
  4. nice event! I have a question. where should I put the java file in the project?
  5. This si really breathtaking! nice!
  6. you are the best! I really respect you! Things you share are always awesome!
  7. hi, all I have been running my lineage2 private server in Korea. thesedays, I've decided to learn making Aion private server. so, I visited some websites for the emulator (ex. u3j..) but I wanna find the other private Aion site like maxcheaters for sharing imfomation for making sever. I think the Aion section in macheaters is not active. I wanna a really active Aion forum or website. Could you inform me of those websites? sorry for my English. ps. where can I find geodata for Aion(u3j) ?
  8. This engine is very nice and really helpful to operate the event. I bet my users love it!!!!!!
  9. this is awesome!!!!!!!!!!, very nice! and I really really hope that the cords which don't allow a clan member to attack his clan member should be added to this source.